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Sun Trine Aspects

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When Sun is 120 degrees away from another planet it is said to be Trine that planet.
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Sun Trine Sun

By and large you fall into the positive category with respect to your faith in life and the luck that it attracts. There is, however, a danger of your taking it for granted, simply because it comes so naturally. All the same, your beliefs are the mainstay of your existence and vitality and others can learn much from them.

Sun Trine Moon

A very basic and natural quality of yours is that everything, which you do in this respect, is backed up by your feelings and just because it is so natural you can tend to overlook or underestimate it. Most people do not have this good relationship between what they are and what they feel. There is something fundamentally wholesome about you that provides a sound basis to whatever else you are striving to do. Again I say: do not underestimate this.
Sun Trine Mars
Fortunately you have quite a strong and resilient nature. You are built for action and, as a rule, you have no trouble getting on with the job in hand. You are decisive and forthright and other people pick up on this and respond positively to it. You know what you want and therefore pursue your aims in an unfettered way. Bear in mind that not everyone has this drive and that they look to you for leadership.

Sun Trine Jupiter

There is a supremely positive dimension to your personality that bestows both wisdom and good luck upon you. You have an essentially benign and philosophical nature that attracts funds and opportunities; help just when you need it and people in foreign parts who are well disposed towards you. The paradox is that because you can so easily conceive of an easier life, you tend to let negative matters build up to a point where you then have to use your luck in earnest.

Sun Trine Saturn

What serves you well in so many respects is your sense of discipline and practicality. You also have an inherent awareness of how the status quo works. You are well able to deal with the challenges and difficulties of your life and of the material world in general for you have a sort of self-balancing mechanism within you.

You usually adhere to a formal and conventional lifestyle and subscribe to traditional standards - or you would make life easier if you used the system as opposed to bucking it. Paradoxically, it is this very sense of order that can cause you to miss some vital but radical point. So it's when taking a chance on something that your marked sense of reality comes into its own.

Sun Trine Uranus

Because of, or despite all this, you have a well-evolved sense of how life actually works. This means to say that you possess a sound awareness of human nature and the human condition, which should be rounded off with a healthy air of detachment. You are also well attuned to the uniqueness of yourself and you are able to draw it out of others. In response to this, you should attract sound friends and what is right for you should happen at the right time.

Sun Trine Neptune

Pervading all of your being is a very natural sense of love and acceptance. Because this makes for a rather passive disposition, you are inclined to turn the other cheek rather than take issue. Any more aggressive instincts that you might have are more likely to be used protectively. All in all though, you have the wisdom to know that letting life take its own course is bound, in time, to deliver you to your rightful place. However, do not underestimate, and therefore fail to make something of, your innate ability to inspire and be inspired - be it through music, visual art, drama, literature or in the sphere of healing.

Sun Trine Pluto

You have enviable stamina and powers of regeneration. You also have a healthy sense of power that enables you to deal with big issues and important people. However, just because you do have this extremely reliable energy supply, you can tend to steam through things and not notice subtle details. There is no malice of intent in you with regard to this Aspect - any more than there is in an express train. There is a definite power to your life.
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