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Sun Sextile Aspects

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When Sun is 60 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Sextile to that planet.
Other Aspects: Trine Conjunction Opposition Square

Sun Sextile Sun

You are in synch with life today - at least, in the context of whatever else is going on for you astrologically at this time. So now is when you can gain cooperation from others, and be generally in tune and in gear. You could also receive assistance from someone, someone who possibly who has power or authority.

Sun Sextile Moon

This is an excellent time for getting in touch with both yourself and others. This is because you now experience an optimum balance between what you want and need, between what you think and feel. So you are more than usually able to see things in a healthy light, with a minimum of misunderstanding. Seeing eye to eye, creating agreements or settling disputes is also favoured. Moreover, problems arising from childhood traumas may be successfully explored and set on the road to resolution.

Sun Sextile Mercury

You work and communicate well now, and are generally on the ball with respect to any matters that relate to the daily business of living. You also have a better sense of the pros and cons of how you normally go about such things, giving you the opportunity to correct poor attitudes or methods, and to capitalise or improve on the good ones.

Sun Sextile Venus

Things are well-starred socially right now, and if there is a love interest, then you can be fairly sure that if things are going to go your way at all, they will do so now. Making amends, launching any social event, being artistically creative or entertained - these are all liable to go with a swing at this time.

Sun Sextile Mars

Getting down to things, opening doors, launching yourself with energy and enthusiasm, attaining the object of your desires - these are some of the advantages of this influence. In proportion to your usual powers of self-assertion, asserting yourself in any way is in tune with the general way of things at present.

Sun Sextile Jupiter

You are in a good frame of mind as you are in touch with the better sides of your life and personality. It is as if you can see how you fit in with the greater whole, you feel that everything is for the best, and you have some sense of how things will pan out alright. So with anything that is particularly oiled by having Lady Luck on your side, now is a good time to go for it, notwithstanding other influences to the contrary. You are also quite likely to encounter positive and encouraging people at this time.

Sun Sextile Saturn

You should be functioning well over these few days, so it is a good time to get more organised, devise a plan, or even embark upon some important undertaking assuming other indications are not unfavourable. You are presently more than usually inclined to get down to what needs doing without being or feeling side-tracked by issues that do not bear directly on the job in hand. For now you are more disposed towards structure and efficiency than you are towards whims or sentimentality.

Sun Sextile Uranus

Whatever else may be going on in your life, this influence helps you to see it as part of a greater pattern or long-term process of development. You also gain insights into what is unique about yourself, and others too - and you begin to appreciate more what freedom actually means. Additionally, this is a good time to involve yourself with subjects that take a greater overview of life, like science and technology, astronomy, astrology, psychology, etc.

Sun Sextile Neptune

This is a fine subtle influence, which you could miss unless you are alive to the unseen, mystical or imaginative elements of life and your personality. Any kind of creative or spiritual pursuit - either active or passive - is well starred under this planetary effect. You are more attuned to subtle and emotional vibrations than usual, and possibly sense that struggling with issues only prolongs or complicates them. An enjoyable time listening or playing music, communing with Nature, or any activity involving the sea, is some of the possibilities right now.

Sun Sextile Pluto

This is a good time to start any regimen, to turn things around, to eliminate anything that has been bothering you, or simply to put what's wrong right. You feel a power coursing through you, but it is a gentle and sure power - not one that is insisting you express it no matter what. Your powers of concentration, and your stamina - be it physical, mental or emotional - are stronger than usual, so any demanding activity is better pursued at this time.
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