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Sun Opposition Aspects

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When Sun is 180 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Opposition to that planet.
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Sun Opposition Moon

The Opposition between the Sun and Moon indicates a conflict between what you want and what you need. You will tend to swing between emotional extremes, confusing others as they'll never be sure whether you are arrogant and too self determined, or too sensitive and overly emotional. The truth is that you are a mixture of both.

Sun Opposition Mars

The Opposition between the Sun and Mars is a dynamic aspect, producing a great deal of energy that can occasionally be difficult to handle. At times you may over-react to what you think to be challenges from others, forcefully asserting your opinions. Compromise is not your strongest point.

You probably do not see yourself as particularly aggressive, you simply react according to what you expect to get from others. Something has made you feel defensive about yourself and the best form of defence is to attack first. The most likely arena for this behaviour is in your close personal relationships, or perhaps you will form a relationship with someone else who behaves in this way, which is often the case with Opposition aspects.

When you realise that everyone is not out to challenge you, you can channel this energy in more productive directions. You have a tireless drive to achieve whatever it is you want for yourself. You can be a champion for some cause and fight selflessly for the rights of others.

Sun Opposition Jupiter

The Opposition between the Sun and Jupiter indicates that occasionally minor issues can be blown out of proportion, causing you to make too big a deal of things which aren't important, particularly when they relate to you personally. Nevertheless, you are very generous, at times too much so.

Sun Opposition Saturn

With the Sun and Saturn in Opposition during childhood you may have felt misunderstood and blocked by obstacles and frustrating delays, either through bad health or through a difficult relationship with one or both of your parents. Your father may have been a harsh disciplinarian, or not there for long periods of time. Even now you probably feel that people and circumstances are constantly holding you back and preventing you from being what you want to be.

Sun Opposition Uranus

The Opposition between the Sun and Uranus indicates that there is a strong urge for complete independence, often experienced through relationships. You may occasionally find that secure situations, are disrupted usually by a partner or other people with whom you have a relationship.

Indeed, you will often find yourself attracted to highly individualistic or rebellious people, and your experiences with such people will draw out the more erratic side of your own nature. In this way you can discover your own particular genius and bring a more spontaneous and original quality into your life.

Sun Opposition Neptune

The Opposition between the Sun and Neptune indicates that at times you may have some difficulty separating fact from fiction. You are a dreamer with high ideals, but you may tend to look to others to make your dreams a reality, and if they fail to do so, you may to feel confused and let down.

Rather than looking to other people to deal with life for you, you need to find your own sense of purpose and direction. Your biggest enemy is your own self-doubt which causes you to underestimate your own abilities, and perhaps turn down opportunities for growth that would have been of great benefit to you.

Sun Opposition Pluto

The Opposition between the Sun and Pluto indicates a strong, often uncompromising willpower. As a result you will occasionally find yourself in ego battles with others.

At certain times during your life, your self image or sense of purpose is likely to undergo radical transformation.

At the time, such changes may seem painful and difficult to handle, but Pluto usually removes the old in order to make way for something new, and you will eventually emerge as a stronger and more self assured individual.

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