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Mercury Trine Aspects

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When Mercury is 120 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Trine to that planet.
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Mercury Trine Mars

Mercury, the planet of intellectual ability is in a positive Trine aspect to the self-assertive planet Mars. This aspect therefore gives a great deal of creative energy to your mind, and strengthens the nervous system.

You have confidence in your intellectual abilities, and are not afraid to express your thoughts, or argue against any opinions of others that you consider to be false. This does not mean that you are argumentative just for the sake of it, but you can usually detect the flaws in another person's argument and demolish it accordingly. You assert your opinions forcefully, but in a way that is stimulating and creative rather than aggressive.

If you can find sufficient self-motivation, you have abundant energy to pursue any kind of mercurial activity, whether this be study, analysing problems, or in the field of communication. However, you will not be forced into doing anything you do not want to do, only doing it if you want to.

Mercury Trine Jupiter

The Trine between Mercury and Jupiter indicates a well-developed and open mind. You absorb knowledge quickly, and are always eager to learn as much as you can. You are able to communicate well, but at times may be over enthusiastic when expressing your own point of view. Nevertheless, because of your ease at communication, you will generally fit in well at all levels of society, and your openness and honesty will give others the confidence to entrust you with positions of responsibility.

Your broad philosophical outlook and understanding of other people will be an asset in any career occupation that involves teaching or helping people, since you will be concerned with helping them to develop what is best in themselves, rather than indoctrinating them with a particular point of view.

Mercury Trine Saturn

The Trine between Mercury and Saturn indicates that your mind is generally practical and organised. As a result, you are able to set yourself realistic goals, which you can then work towards with persistence and determination.

You also have the ability to apply your mind to disciplined study, often bringing your own creative interpretation to whatever subject you are interested in. You do not voice your opinions unless you are sure of your ground, but when you do, you are able to make constructive use of every piece of relevant information that you possess, and to communicate clearly and authoritatively.

Mercury Trine Uranus

The effect of the planet Uranus is often likened to electrical energy with the Trine aspect to Mercury your nervous system and intellect is stimulated and electrified, but in a way that is creative rather than difficult. Your mind works so fast that you may consider other peoples thinking slow by comparison, you can analyse a problem and see instantly connections and possibilities, and make logical leaps, hat others may labour over for a long time. When you reach a conclusion it seems as if the answer just came intuitively, when in fact it was the result of extremely fast analysis.

You have an original and inventive mind open to new ideas and new ways of thinking, you seek knowledge avidly for the freedom and understanding you gain from it, rather than for any qualifications you may gain. Forward looking and revolutionary you have creative solutions to many of the world's problems, and have little patience for traditional and conventional solutions or ways of thinking, you would certainly not regard 'Victorian values' as a solution to present day problems.

Mercury Trine Neptune

Your rational thinking processes, symbolised by Mercury, are in a positive Trine aspect to the imaginative planet Neptune. With this contact you will therefore have a strong creative imagination, and a highly developed intuition that enables you to jump beyond logic to grasp the basic meaning behind ideas or concepts, and then to verbalise this meaning in terms that others can understand.

Your thinking is often inspired, with ideas seeming to just come to you without the need for long and concentrated study, in fact even you may be surprised at how well you understand things for which you have had little or no formal preparation.

You would make a good actor, teacher, writer, politician or public speaker since you understand intuitively what your audience needs or can understand, so you are then able to deliver what you have to say accordingly.

You are also generally tolerant of other people's imperfections, and you can inspire others and help them to become aware of a deeper meaning in their lives.

Mercury Trine Pluto

With the positive Trine aspect between Mercury and Pluto you have an analytical mind that is able to penetrate beyond surface appearances. You are therefore suited to any form of research or investigation since you are always wanting to get to the truth of any matter.

You need to find some kind of meaning to life and your experiences and then to communicate the understanding and knowledge gained from your experiences to others. But do beware being too opinionated as at times you will identify too strongly with what you believe in, and will defend your viewpoint without compromise.

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