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Mercury Opposition Aspects

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When Mercury is 180 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Opposition to that planet.
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Mercury Opposition Mercury

The Opposition between the Mercury and Mercury indicates some difficulty in balancing your emotions with the more logical, intellectual side of your nature. Communications with others on an emotional level may therefore occasionally be confused. At times your reason may be overwhelmed by your emotions, at other times you swing to the opposite extreme and your logical approach to emotional issues may convince others that you lack feelings.

Mercury Opposition Venus

The Opposition between the Mercury and Venus indicates some difficulty in personal relationships. You may occasionally tend to depend too much on your partner to provide you with emotional security. You need to get in touch with your own feelings, to find your sense of security within yourself, and then you will find that instead of looking to others to provide for your needs, emotional satisfaction and security can be found within yourself.

Mercury Opposition Mars

The Opposition between Mercury and Mars indicates the occasional tendency to make rash decisions, and then blame others when they backfire. You therefore need to learn patience and consider all the options before making a decision.

With this aspect you may also find that early disputes with brothers or sisters may still now have an influence in your life, possibly you still feel the need to aggressively establish your territory.

Feeling a strong need to communicate what you feel, you may also occasionally blurt things out without thinking through the consequences. Sometimes as well, the passion behind your need to communicate can make it difficult to get across exactly what you want to say, with the energy being more powerful than your expressive ability. This could result in speech difficulties.

Mercury Opposition Jupiter

With Mercury in Opposition to Jupiter, you have an intense need to learn all you can about the world, but you may have a tendency to base your opinions on incomplete evidence. At times you therefore need to work at separating truth from fiction, and fantasy from reality.

There may also be times when you have difficulty in concentrating your mind on one subject, or following one path, for any length of time. Open to endless possibilities, your mind has a habit of jumping from one thing to another. Nevertheless, with discipline, you do have the capacity to constantly assimilate new knowledge and learn.

Mercury Opposition Saturn

Mercury in Opposition to Saturn suggests that your mind occasionally has a serious or pessimistic leaning. In your early life, your intellectual capabilities may have been made to feel inferior in some way, possibly by your father or some other figure of authority. As a result, you may even now tend to doubt your own intellectual capacity, but you should not. You are capable of tremendous achievements, if you would only believe it.

If you apply yourself, and not worry that others are more intelligent or better than you, then you will be surprised at what you could achieve. Indeed, you have an intellectual endurance and stamina that can withstand mental pressures for longer than most, and with less damaging after effects. However, as your mind operates on a many different levels and to a very fine specification, if it does snap after constant tension then it can take years to put the many pieces back together again.

Nevertheless, you are able to deal with matters that require management and planning better than most as being aware of potential problems and pitfalls allows you to deal with them before they arise.

Mercury Opposition Uranus

The Opposition between Mercury and Uranus makes you a real live wire. You are lively and energetic, but occasionally your energy may stem from nervous tension which you will need to control and channel into productive ends.

Your mind is active and alert, always open to new ideas, but you will also occasionally need to slow down, making the time to take in new information before rushing off to start something new.

The difficult side of this aspect is that whilst you are generally open to new ideas, occasionally you will filter the information received, hearing only what you want to hear, and reacting to other people's opinions before they have had a chance to finish or explain themselves.

You do not like to be proved wrong, and will more often than not defend a position purely for the hell of it. You like a good argument (you would call it a debate) but you should take care not to be too aggressive when expressing your opinions.

Mercury Opposition Neptune

Mercury in Opposition to Neptune indicates that you can be imaginative and idealistic, but your awareness of many possibilities may make you a dreamer rather than a doer.

You are innately aware that there is a higher dimension to life, and will seek ways of understanding your experiences from a higher or more spiritual perspective. However there is also the danger that you may occasionally be taken in by belief systems or ideals that are completely unrealistic, or open yourself up to outright deception.

There is also the possibility with an opposition that we seek in others what we are unable to see in ourselves. You may therefore occasionally tend to look to other people or groups to provide you with meaning in your life. This is fine up to a point, as long as you do not surrender your own individuality and your own thoughts and ideas.

Mercury Opposition Pluto

The Opposition between Mercury and Pluto gives a power and depth to your mind that will enable you to get to the root of any issue. As you can also generally delve deeply to unearth hidden facts, you will therefore be particularly suited to any form of research.

However, at times you may be somewhat over-forceful when expressing your opinions, regarding any opposition or disagreement as a direct challenge that must be met and won by any means, and when seriously provoked you are able to launch a devastating verbal attack on the perpetrator.

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