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Mercury Conjunction Aspects

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When Mercury is 0 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Conjunction with that planet.
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Mercury Conjunction Venus

Mercury and Venus, the planets of communication and relationship, were in Conjunction at your time of birth. You will therefore generally be fair and balanced in your thinking. When you express your opinions or have to make a decision about some issue, you will more often than not take care to examine all sides and reach an impartial decision. You do not really like to offend anyone, not even people you disagree with.

Possessing a natural charm, you would make a good public speaker, and should also get much pleasure from writing and the arts. You have a natural ability to turn your ideas into money, and as others generally respect your abilities, you usually have no trouble getting financial backing.

Mercury Conjunction Mars

The Conjunction between Mercury and Mars indicates that, when necessary, you are able to express yourself with forcefulness and confidence. However, beware the tendency to talk others down. You will also need to undersatnd that other people are entitled to their own opinions, even if you disagree totally, otherwise you may gain a reputation as being rather arrogant.

Having said this, you have a great deal of mental energy which you are able to apply tirelessly toward achieving your goals, all you need to remember is that others may not be able to keep up with your rather exhausting pace. Your mind is restless and eager to gain new information - you are never satisfied with what you know.

Mercury Conjunction Jupiter

It is said that the Conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter can produce an above average intelligence. You may find you have an insatiable desire to increase your knowledge, both about yourself and the world around you. This need will continue throughout your life, and you will never really feel that you have learned all you can, as each new piece of knowledge will open up new questions to which you will need to find the answers.

You do possess the ability to become an expert in whatever field you choose, the only problem being that because of your wide range of interests, you may occasionally find it difficult to confine yourself to a limited field of study or activity for long - in fact it would probably not be a good idea to try!

That is because your breadth of knowledge and learning would actually enable you to work in several fields with equal ability, concentrating on one or the other as you need to. Also, whilst you are generally more aware and knowledgeable than many of the people around you, you do not carry an air of intellectual arrogance - enabling people from all walks of life to relate to your viewpoints.

Mercury Conjunction Saturn

Mercury and Saturn in Conjunction would indicate that you have a serious and logical mind. When necessary, you are able to apply yourself to long periods of study, and to present the results of your studies or investigations in an well managed and understandable form. As your rather practical mind is able to give a tangible structure to ideas, you have a talent for administration.

Mercury Conjunction Uranus

With the Conjunction between Mercury and Uranus you do not like to be told what to think by anyone, insisting on your right to make up your own mind. This is not necessarily a bad thing although it may occasionally lead to a tendency to be obstinate or stubborn just for the sake of it, sometimes saying and doing things just for the shock effect it produces.

Possessing an insatiable curiosity, this aspect also greatly stimulates your intellect. Nevertheless, at times, you may find it difficult to stop your mind from racing ahead before you have fully understood what you have learned.

Although you have many original and inventive thoughts and ideas, whether or not you will be able to make any practical use of your ideas will depend on how well you can discipline your mind.

Mercury Conjunction Neptune

The Conjunction between Mercury and Neptune feeds your need for fantasy, occasionally to the point when you will choose to escape the harsher realities of life through your imagination. This is not such a bad thing, we all need to escape the daily drudge from time to time.

However, as your sensitive mind can be more reluctant than most to face the world as it is, you can fall into the trap of putting on a pedestal a person or imagining a situation so that it resembles what you would like it to be. If in the end it does not turn out to be the dream you were hoping would come true, then you will be disappointed when you actually see the reality of the situation.

Your mind is very intuitive, and sensitive to the psychic atmosphere around you. You will often feel that you know what a person is thinking or feeling without them having to say anything. Often you will be right, but just as often it will be you projecting your own thoughts and feelings on to them, you will therefore need to learn to discriminate between the two.

You have a fine appreciation of all forms of art, particularly music. However, at times, you could be tempted to experience different states of consciousness through the use of drugs, but you will soon find that this destructive path is pointless, since meditation would work just as well for you.

Mercury Conjunction Pluto

The Conjunction between Mercury and Pluto gives your mind a deep, intense and penetrating quality that would suit you for any kind of investigative work, or work that requires concentration and attention to detail. Not satisfied with the obvious or superficial, you try to understand the deeper meaning to any subject or issue that you are studying.

You also have strong beliefs, and when you have made up your mind on something you have a conviction and power that others will find difficult to challenge, even if they feel you are wrong.

You may have to learn to rise above deep feelings of anger or resentment towards those who have crossed you or oppose your ideas. Instead of seeking revenge, why not channel this strong desire to hit back into more positive ends.

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