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Sagittarius Saturn

Sagittarius Saturn

You are learning to build . . .

a sound set of religious and moral principles that will guide and give meaning to your life and thereby, the lives of others. As if to force this issue, it's quite likely that you have a background of religious dogma or emptiness that has limited your scope in life. This can amount to a great need for social or educational awards which you feel will put you on the map and indeed, because of this, you are likely to win them.

However, you find that having a handle to your name does not give you anything to hang on to when the spiritual chips are down so eventually you must go seeking to find what your guiding principles are in the moral or philosophical sense. In the meantime, you're given to playing the role of Devil's Advocate to the spoutings of ardently emotional 'believers'. This does help keep feet firmly on the ground, but be careful that this isn't just a mask that hides your own lack of beliefs.

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