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Pisces Saturn

Pisces Saturn

You are learning to cultivate . . .

an inner seriousness and a deep understanding of life and others. You could be described as an 'ancient soul' with the woes and wisdom that go with it. You have suffered at the hands of others and so are sympathetic to suffering. You emanate a gentle and somewhat solemn light that guides and comforts in a very subtle way.

However, you're also having to learn to draw the line in your forbearance of others' failings - a practice that can become a mask to conceal your own. This is owing to a complexity of your character that has something to do with a need to dissolve inhibitions mixed up with a somewhat indiscriminate limiting of your own potentials. Inevitably this drives you to embark on a plumbing of your own depths and you owe it to yourself to find the quiet and solitude in which to accomplish this.


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