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Edit and design your own Astrological reports

PCA Argus v4

Professional Astrology Software Features

Output interpretations to - print - view - save to file - for editing
Select planets, aspects and orbs
Include/exclude astrological headings in interpretations
Add personal comments and notes to individual reports
Select Fonts - for screen or printer
Design report pages (fonts, layout)
Search and sort name files for chart file entries
Keyboard shortcuts
Write your own macro commands
Create multiple name files holding up to 1600 chart names
Produce chart wheels suitable for framing
Colour charts and tables (select your own colours)
Integrated World Atlas (125,00 towns) - with time zones
Comprehensive context sensitive Help Menu

Editable Interpetations
Personal Profile
An in-depth look at individuals and their character. At birth the horoscope represents a set of potentials, with the contents being added through the experiences of life, it is a map of the solar system for the time and place of birth, it's a unique blueprint of personality. It is not only the Sun sign that exerts a powerful influence over a birth chart and character. The Moon, the planets, their aspects, zodiac and house positions also play an important role. This report includes a five aspect* set of interpretations. includes a separate 8 page comprehensive introduction to Astrology as well in-depth explanations of Astrological terms with interpetations of major aspects: Conjunctions, Oppositions, Squares, Trines and Sextiles
Click to view sample - Personality Profile

A detailed outline of the future based on Transits i.e. the movement of the planets, using a five-aspect set* of interpretations to produce either a month or year forecast explaining the prevailing patterns of planetary energy. Some transits can affect your birth chart for up to two to three months, and due to astrological cycles, these transits will occasionally recur during the year. This report lets you know in advance of these repeating patterns with interpretations of: Conjunctions, Oppositions, Squares, Trines and Sextiles aspected to Planets, Midheaven and Ascendant.
Click to view sample - Forecast

Life Progress
Inner Development' This text module tracks the gradual development of a persons life over successive years uncovering valuable insights about: - Personality, Public life, Creative drive, Personal development, Mental and Work development, Happiness love and money, Motivation, drive and energy, Feelings and daily life. Each report spans a two-three year long period. Astrological method based on the calculation method of Secondary Progressions. Interpretations are based on 'progressed positions' of:- Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Moon.
Click to view sample - Life Progress
Child Report
An astrological profile, written with the intent of giving parents an idea of a child's character, talents, needs and wants. With this knowledge, help and assistance can be provided which, with a little hope, will point them in the right direction. As this is a very specific child profile it requires the birth time. If you do not know the exact time of birth some of the information relating to the houses of the chart may not be completely relevant although the overall view will still be valid.
Click to view sample - Child Report
Soul Scope
Be self-aware, in command, and make the most of your potential with an easy to read interpretation of your Birth Chart. Your main qualities are simply defined and positively explained. Automatically, you are able to see how the various parts of you - the good, the difficult and the uncertain - connect with and influence each other to create the one whole being that you are. This Profile includes your Birth Chart itself, and interpretations for the Signs, Houses and Aspects of the Sun, Moon and Planets.
Click to view sample - Soul Scope

Year Soul Guide
Know the 'flight-path' of your life and travel successfully and safely, with Year Forecaster How the planets Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter affect you over any 12 month period. This is not prediction, but helps you to maximise opportunities andminimise any difficulties. Above all it teaches you to know yourself better and attune yourself to cosmic and natural processes. You can also look at years gone by if you wish to gain an understanding of significant chapters in your past. Designed to be read at a glance or used in depth with Soul Scope described above.
Click to view sample - Year Soul Guide

Month Soul Guides
Even more precise and appropriate timing, with Month Forecaster as well as the planets in the year report, this report also includes: the influence of Mars, those days when energies run high giving rise to make or break situations, so helping you to know whenand how to handle them, and most importantly to avoid upsets and subsequent regrets. Also includes the influences of the Sun, Mercury and Venus, further enabling you to manage and get the best out of your life on a day-to-day basis. A must for getting the most from astrological living!
Soul Mates
The horoscopes of two people are compared to find how they interact. The Chemistry Between You Both is then set out as your Impressions of one another, along with the Strengths you have as a couple, describing how your lives as individuals and as a pair are enjoyed and improved, and how they meet Challenges that you will encounter. This Guide is aimed at connecting you with the most real and important energies that are brought about by two people coming together. For intimate couplings and other relationships such as family, friends and business.
Click to view sample - Soul Mates
Pathfinder Report
A New Approach to Career Integration, revealing your Life as Vocation. It is based on the principle that true happiness comes from doing what you want to do most. What Are the Benefits of Pathfinder Report? Pathfinder Report answers the following questions: Who Am 1? - Why Am 1 Here? - Where Do I Come From? - Where Am I Going? - How Do I Get There? - Who Are My Helpers? - What Will Heal Me? It is The Ultimate Psycho-Spiritual Report, based on the American Indian concept of the Four Directions.
Click to view sample - Pathfinder
Personal Cosmic Mirror
A Psychological Profile, Cosmic Mirror is a synthesis, i.e. all factors in the horoscope (like planets, their sign position, aspects, house positions etc) are analysed in the interpretation, consideration is taken of Hindu astrology rules, classical rules and more modern psychological interpretations of astrological rules covering the intellect, self awareness, self confidence, inner identity, strength of needs, special dimensions, relationships, marriage, predispositions.
Click to view sample - Cosmic Mirror

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