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Mars Square Aspects

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When Mars is 90 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Square to that planet.
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Mars Square Jupiter

The placing of Mars and Jupiter in a Square aspect will create abundant physical and mental energy. However, at times, this energy can be rather undisciplined and uncontrolled. But over the years, you will learn how to channel the energy positively into productive activities.

You will probably have a desire to achieve great things, and, indeed, you certainly have the ability and determination to do so!

However, there is also the tendency to overdo things. In your desire to get ahead you are generally prepared to work long and gruelling hours, often at the expense of the needs of your physical body, and possibly even your domestic life. You will therefore need to learn when to rest if you wish to avoid nervous exhaustion, and to say hello to your family occasionally, if only to let them know that you are still aware of their existence!

Mars Square Saturn

The Square between Mars and Saturn indicates that occasionally you may have some difficulty in asserting yourself and getting what you want. You can alternate between being aggressive and submissive. At times you may refuse to assert yourself, or to stand up for yourself even when it is necessary, but at other times, you can suddenly release anger, surprising others with the ferocity of your attack. Energies must therefore be channelled toward planned objectives. If you don't do this, then the unused, frustrated energies can become dammed up, and the resulting rise in inner pressure experienced as anger.

Mars Square Uranus

A Square aspect between Mars and Uranus creates a need for freedom and independence to the point where it could cause conflicts with others. This difficult aspect between these two highly charged planets results in a high degree of physical and emotional tension that can lead to irritability and impatience and a dislike of any restrictions being placed on your personal freedom.

In spite of this, you are aware of your responsibilities but at times the conflict between fulfilling your responsibilities and doing your own thing can cause a feeling of frustration and anger that you may end up taking out on those closest to you. Nevertheless, if you can come to terms with these conflicts, you have incredible determination and the energy to accomplish more than most.

Mars Square Neptune

The Square between Mars and Neptune indicates that there will be times in your life when you suffer from periods of confusion and self-doubt about who you are, where you are going, and what you should be doing with your life. You also have an addictive nature which takes all too easily to drink, drugs and any other weird and wonderful pastime. The truth is you really don't have the physical or emotional constitution to cope with constant abuse - so if possible, all things in moderation, or not at all.

Mars Square Pluto

The Square between Mars and Pluto gives a great deal of power and intensity to your feelings, and you can be incredibly determined when pursuing your own goals and in getting what you want.

However, you will also have little tolerance for those who you feel are not on your side and could at times even resort to threats or manipulation in order to get your own way. Needless to say, this could lead to conflicts and intense power struggles, both at home and in your career life.

All this probably stems from childhood experiences in which you may have had to fight for what you wanted, or battle against attempts to dominate or control you in some way. In a woman's chart, particularly, this aspect may correlate with unpleasant experiences of the male ego at an early age, an experience which may still influence you today.

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