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Mars Sextile Aspects

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When Mars is 0 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Sextile with that planet.
Other Aspects: Square Trine Opposition Conjunction

Mars Sextile Jupiter

The positive Sextile aspect between Mars and Jupiter increases your energy and drive to achieve something worthwhile with your life. However, whilst you are not afraid to defend your own rights and assert your opinions, you can also be sensitive to the needs and opinions of others.

You have considerable physical and mental energy, and you generally set yourself ambitious and demanding goals, but since these goals are generally based on forethought and planning you are usually able to maintain the energy and enthusiasm necessary to see them through to the end.

In love relationships, your physical desires are strong, but they are best satisfied with someone to whom you can relate on an intellectual level as well as a physical level.

Mars Sextile Saturn

Mars in a Sextile aspect to Saturn in your chart tempers your desires and aggressive drives with a degree of caution and reserve. In other words, you generally plan your goals carefully and can work towards them with persistence that should eventually overcome all obstacles. You can accomplish more than most people because your self-discipline and patience allows you to examine every aspect of a problem before attempting a solution.

However, this natural caution and need to thoroughly think things out can also, in some circumstances, be a hindrance, particularly where decisive action would be more appropriate. Take care not to miss opportunities that need to be grasped immediately.

Mars Sextile Uranus

With the Sextile between Mars and Uranus you will have a great deal of restless energy that will need some outlet if it is not to become nervous tension. You like to go your own way, to do your own thing. You will tolerate restrictions on your freedom only as long as you think you have to, but once you feel your responsibilities have been fulfilled you will soon insist on following your own path again.

This aspect also gives the drive and determination to tolerate the most difficult conditions if you know that they'll eventually lead you to your goal. You are a bit of an intellectual rebel, and won't be told what to think by any authority.

Mars Sextile Neptune

With Mars in Sextile to Neptune you will understand the difference between passion and compassion. You realise there are times when you can assert yourself to satisfy your own desires, but that at other times you must yield to someone else's needs and feelings. In other words, you are prepared to help others when they can't help themselves.

Mars Sextile Pluto

The Sextile between Mars and Pluto indicates that your willpower is strong, and generally well directed and purposeful, but you also have a deep need to seek for the truth.

You express your thoughts forcefully, and you have the ability to present your case to others with power and conviction, and even win support for what others may regard as a hopeless case.

However, you must remember that although you may generally feel strong and confident in your own opinions and ideas, no-one is always right. You will therefore need to consciously develop a respect for other people's opinions, and to accept that their opposition to you is not meant personally. They may very well have a valid case if you would only stop to listen.

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