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Venus Conjunction Aspects

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When Venus is 0 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Conjunction with that planet.
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Venus Conjunction Mars

The Conjunction between Venus and Mars indicates that you value your own personal freedom and can be easily angered if you feel emotionally hemmed in. Your temper can be explosive, but at the same time this anger passes quickly, and rarely leads to any long term rift.

You have a need for adventure and new experiences, and you are able to enjoy yourself in social situations, not afraid of being the centre of attention. However, there will be times when others are put off by your rather over-forceful approach, especially in matters of romance.

Venus Conjunction Jupiter

The Conjunction between Venus and Jupiter indicates good-natured and easy going charm. Generally prepared to give others the benefit of the doubt, you will readily overlook other people's faults. You are generous with your feelings as well, ready to give emotional or financial support to others in difficulty. Whilst this isn't a bad thing, some people may be inclined to take advantage of your generous nature, leaving you with the feeling that you have been taken for granted. At times you will therefore need to learn some degree of discrimination in your relationships with others.

You find harsh conditions difficult to tolerate, preferring some degree of material comfort in your surroundings. Like everyone else, you seek happiness in your life and close relationships, but you are more likely to find it than most. Perhaps because you realise that happiness is not to be found by searching for some romantic ideal, but is something that arises spontaneously from within yourself.

Venus Conjunction Saturn

With the Conjunction between Venus and Saturn you relate to others in a serious and responsible way. At times you may find yourself sacrificing your own needs and happiness for others. You may also find that you are usually the one who has to make adjustments to the other person's needs in any relationship, whilst suppressing your own.

You may do this in order to feel loved and needed, a feeling that stems from your childhood experiences. One or both of your parents, but most likely your father, was probably a harsh disciplinarian, expecting obedience and unquestioning loyalty, possibly forcing you to assume responsibilities too soon. On the other hand, he may have been indifferent, or not around at all, leaving you with a deep-seated feeling that maybe it was your fault. As a consequence, you may now still live with the fear of being rejected or deserted if you do not live up to another's demands, or you may avoid close relationships altogether.

With Saturn, age and experience usually bring the solutions to its more difficult aspects. You will gradually come to learn that the only person you have a real duty to is yourself, and Saturn will provide you with the self-respect and inner stability to pursue your own path despite the opposition of others. Then you will attract people who will respect and accept you for what you are, not what they want you to be.

Venus Conjunction Uranus

With a Conjunction between Venus and Uranus you need a degree of freedom in even your closest relationships. You will be attracted to unconventional or unusual people, always needing to maintain a sense of excitement in order to keep the relationship alive, and if you ever feel taken for granted you may feel tempted to seek this excitement elsewhere.

You are a creative person and have strong hopes for success in some field, but you also have a genuine concern for others. For example, you would not try to achieve your own ambitions by stepping on other people, but would rather take them along with you. You can relate well to large groups as well as individuals

Venus Conjunction Neptune

With Venus in Conjunction with Neptune, you have an idealistic approach to relationships. You are a romantic, but at times your expectations of others may also be unrealistic, and you may therefore occasionally have difficulty in accepting people as they really are rather than as you would like them to be. At times this desire to see the good in everyone can make you vulnerable to deception by others.

Venus Conjunction Pluto

The Conjunction between Venus and Pluto indicates an emotional intensity in your approach to relationships that can be all-consuming. Through relationships you can fall to the depths of despair or reach the heights of emotional ecstasy. You will be attracted to powerful, charismatic people.

However, this kind of intensity can become rather exhausting, and when the passions cool, possessiveness, jealousy and the desire to dominate can take over.

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