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Saturn Trine Aspects

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When Saturn is 120 degrees away from another planet it is said to be Trine that planet.
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Saturn Trine Uranus

With Saturn Trine Uranus you will generally be able to strike a balance between the need for freedom and an equally strong need for security. You will earn your freedom, and although you have a healthy respect for material things you will find that as your life goes on you will become increasingly detached from them.

There will be times however, when you will abandon projects simply because they have become too boring and too normal. Not only do you have the need to be different, but you also the potential. You also have the potential to inspire others with your vision and therefore you would be good at teaching or public speaking.

Saturn Trine Neptune

The Trine aspect between Saturn and Neptune gives you the ability to creatively combine imagination with practical organisational skills. You would do well in the arts where you could give form and structure to your imagination through writing, art or music. Equally, in the sciences you are able to combine strict logic with intuition and insight.

You have a deep sense of there being a spiritual dimension to life, which will be brought down to earth in a practical sense. Perhaps you'll give your time and energy to some spiritual cause. You are neither a hard-headed materialist nor an impractical mystic, but a creative combination of both.

Saturn Trine Pluto

The Trine between Saturn and Pluto indicates that personal growth and experience are more important to you than hanging on to situations or people when you should be letting go. You have a deep understanding of other people's needs and this natural insight gives you the ability to help others come to terms with their own problems. Whilst you have an instinctive awareness of other people's fears, you'll not use this knowledge to further your own ends at their expense.

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