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Saturn Sextile Aspects

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When Saturn is 60 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Sextile to that planet.
Other Aspects: Trine Conjunction Opposition Square

Saturn Sextile Uranus

The Sextile between Saturn and Uranus enables you to see a vision of the future and work patiently towards it. You are aware that creativity and originality needs to be brought down to earth if it is to be effective in any real sense.

There will be times however, when you will abandon projects simply because they have become too boring and too normal. Not only do you have the need to be different, but you also the potential. You also have the potential to inspire others with your vision and therefore you would be good at teaching or public speaking.

Saturn Sextile Neptune

Saturn in Sextile to Neptune allows you to give structure to your dreams and aspirations. You are able to use your imagination constructively for the benefit of yourself and others. You may be instrumental in providing the practical foundation, and the organisation, for turning the dreams of yourself and other people into a reality.

Saturn Sextile Pluto

Generally, this is a time when you can improve anything that needs improving. The secret is to approach and launch any such endeavours in a spirit of everyone benefiting from them; you then find that 'the more you give, the more you get' is in fact a Law of the Universe rather than just a nice idea. You also notice during this period that the world itself is more alive to this Law - and is all the more so for your personally taking advantage of it.

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