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Saturn Conjunction Aspects

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When Saturn is 0 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Conjunction with that planet.
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Saturn Conjunction Uranus

The Conjunction between Saturn and Uranus indicates at times during your life you will have to find a balance between the need for personal freedom and the need for security. At different times you'll tend to express one need and deny the other, but as you develop as an individual you'll learn to integrate freedom and security.

Chaotic or confused conditions annoy you. Even when you make major changes in your life, you still like to hold onto a bit of the old structure for the sense of security that it provides.

Saturn Conjunction Neptune

Saturn and Neptune are Opposite in nature, Saturn is hard-headed and practical, while Neptune is idealistic and visionary. With the Conjunction between these two planets you'll need to combine these two aspects of your personality in some way.

You do have the ability to bring your dreams and aspirations "down to earth", to make a reality out of your visions, but at times this may take a considerable amount of hard work.

This aspect also suggests talents that can be applied equally successfully to both the arts and the sciences. In the arts, Saturn can give form and structure to the mystical dreams of Neptune, perhaps through music or poetry. In the sciences, the discipline and objectivity of Saturn can be infused with the deeper intuition and insight of Neptune.

You will not be content to accept religious and philosophical teachings at face value. This will probably, at some point in your life, lead to some confusion about what you really believe. However, your faith will eventually be rebuilt through your own personal experience.

Saturn Conjunction Pluto

Saturn in Conjunction with Pluto is a powerful aspect that will affect the very foundations of your being. There is a powerful need to have total control, to be master of your own house. You will generally resist fiercely anyone or anything that poses a threat to your security.

There's also a tendency to dominate those closest to you, based on the fear of losing them or being rejected. However, you need to take care that this behaviour doesn't provoke the very situations that you are afraid of. It is likely, however, that your life will go through periodic changes in order to make room for new growth. The pain and loss that you feel at such times can eventually make you a stronger person.

The root of your problems probably lies in your childhood experiences, possibly a dominating and unreasonable parent or an event where your whole sense of security was stripped away leaving you feeling afraid and resentful, or both.

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