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Moon Conjunction Aspects

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When Moon is 0 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Conjunction with that planet.
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Moon Conjunction Mercury

The Conjunction between the Moon and Mercury indicates that you have a strong imagination. You are able to absorb information quickly and therefore learning comes fairly easy to you.

However, at times, your emotions may at times overrule your common sense, clouding your thinking and making it difficult for you to rationalise and think clearly. At other times you may think too heavily about what should simply be experienced as an emotion. Try to achieve a balance between the two, the best thing to do is to go with the flow, .go with how you feel.

The main disadvantage with this aspect is your sensitivity, as you can easily be hurt not just by what is said, but also by what you feel is being left unsaid.

Moon Conjunction Venus

With the Moon and Venus in Conjunction you are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. You try to be friendly with everyone and will try to put people at their ease if you feel that there is any tension between you. You are sensitive enough to feel hurt if your friendship is rejected, but you are unlikely to show this openly. Your family life as a child was probably pleasant and supportive and taught you how to manage your affairs, which has prepared you well for having a family and home of your own.

You would do well in any occupation that brings you before the public, since you are genuinely concerned with the problems of others and are ready to do what you can to help. This quality comes across and people feel that they can trust you.

Moon Conjunction Mars

A Conjunction between the Moon and Mars indicates a high degree of emotional sensitivity. You are genuinely hurt by criticism, even when it is not meant to be taken too seriously. There will be times when you will find it difficult to forgive people who have hurt you in the past. Even if you want to and can understand their reasons, the memory of your pain keeps coming back to haunt you, giving rise to feelings of frustration and anger.

Your emotions and enthusiasm are closely linked. When you are feeling good you can work tirelessly toward an objective, but when you are feeling down your motivation evaporates and you feel unable to do anything, even daily chores seem a bind.

Moon Conjunction Jupiter

With the Moon Conjunct Jupiter you are both generous and sympathetic towards others, with a genuine concern for those in need. Any personal ambitions you may have will be directed by a need to contribute something positive which benefit others as well as yourself. You learn something positive from all your experiences, and this optimism and faith helps life to work in your favour, with things generally working out well for you.

Moon Conjunction Saturn

With the Moon Conjunct Saturn in your chart, you will probably have learned at an early age the lessons of self-discipline and hard work. This aspect also indicates that at times your early home life may have been somewhat lonely, with one or both of your parents either absent, or too concerned with their ambitions or business interests to give you the love you needed. As an adult you can now probably understand your parents and can relate to them, as individuals, but the experience will have left you with a certain degree of emotional detachment, as well as a deep need to achieve something through your own efforts.

You can also be somewhat reserved and cautious in the expression of your emotions and won't express how you feel for someone unless you are first certain that you won't be rejected. In your emotional and home life, you try to find a sense of stability, but you will probably also need a partner who can share your professional life as well.

Moon Conjunction Uranus

The Conjunction between the Moon and Uranus is a potentially difficult aspect, since the Moon seeks security and stability, whilst Uranus seeks freedom and independence. There is a strong urge to break free from conventional values.

Many people may not be able to understand your reluctance to settle down, and you will be prepared to put up with anything rather than accept a situation that limits your freedom of action.

There is a conflict, however, since the Moon craves security, so you may at some point in your life suppress your need for freedom and accept a more conventional situation for the apparent emotional security that it provides. But, energy that is suppressed only leaks out in another form and you may find that in this case your bottled up desire for freedom may inevitably cause conflict and disruption.

The memories of past emotional difficulties and pain may also occasionally make you extremely reluctant to make any kind of binding commitment in relationships and you may therefore resist attempts to do so for a long time. You may find that time after time, when you finally overcome your reluctance and make a commitment, even if it is only in your own mind, that is when things really start going wrong.

It is easy enough to blame the other person in these situations, but it is really your own need for freedom and independence leaking out again. The best way to handle this aspect is to find a partner with the same needs and the same problems with whom you can discuss how you feel openly without either of you taking offence.

Moon Conjunction Neptune

This Conjunction between the Moon and Neptune indicates that you have a strong creative imagination, but being a dreamer with high ideals, at times you may find it difficult to separate your dreams from reality. You have a psychic ability, which you are probably not fully conscious of.

Unless your mind is directed toward something concrete, you could tend to retreat into a world of fantasy and daydreams. It is therefore particularly important that you have a job that interests you, otherwise you could gain a reputation as a day dreamer who is unable to concentrate on the task at hand.

You are idealistic in your personal relationships, perhaps at times even somewhat unrealistic. Few people, if any, could live up to your high expectations of them. You will tend to judge people according to the immediate feelings they arouse in you, and you may attribute qualities to them that they do not really have. This will result in occasional disappointment when their all too human failings come to light. You will therefore need to learn to accept people for what they are, rather than what you would like them to be.

Moon Conjunction Pluto

The Moon and Pluto in Conjunction is a powerful aspect that produces deep and intense emotions. At times you may therefore find it difficult to control feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. Looking for the perfect relationship, you demand complete commitment from a partner. At home, you will also need to control the urge to become overly demanding and dictatorial.

Throughout your life, your emotional life may periodically undergo a transformation, sometimes with accompanying pain, but always to ultimate benefit of your personal and spiritual growth.

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