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Jupiter Conjunction Aspects

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When Jupiter is 0 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Conjunction with that planet.
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Jupiter Conjunction Sun

Moreover, such beliefs as you have are central to your life. You place your will behind them and so it is more than likely that you will influence others with them. You have a sense of mission, a mission that involves the whole of your being. You feel that there is something great about life and you aim to write it large across the sky with whatever means are at your disposal.

Jupiter Conjunction Moon

There is something very natural about the way you express your faith and enthusiasms. One could say that your faith was inborn. This may of course mean that you simply subscribe to the religious persuasions of your family or racial background - whatever they may be. Being quite so subjective about your spiritual convictions, you may well under, or overestimate them.

Jupiter Conjunction Mercury

To assist you in all this you have a talent for finding the right means to put across your beliefs or intuitive ideas. Occasionally, maybe even frequently, you suffer from 'brain-jams' when you cannot find an avenue of thought wide enough to convey your ideas. But it isn't long before your ongoing verbal interaction with others, or one of the many books you read, or simply your ever-philosophical mind, comes up with the concept or the analogy that you require to make your point or to make sense out of your life.

Jupiter Conjunction Venus

Very fortunately the quality of your beliefs and ethics is appealing to most others. This is a gigantic asset for it means that something about you bears the promise of happiness, health and better things to come. I for one hope you make the most of this broad and beautiful streak of your personality. You are certainly a party person and good fun to be with.

However, for you, true joy is found through judiciously bestowing your genuinely bountiful affections upon others, rather than squandering them as if you believed that quantity could be a substitute for quality. In this way you will find that those others then truly appreciate you.

Jupiter Conjunction Mars

Whatever your beliefs, you energetically espouse them - either when you get the chance or because you deliberately create the opportunity. Because of this zeal, others will probably contest your philosophy and attitude to life. This serves to harden your own convictions and should not be allowed to weaken your resolve.

Equally though, over-reacting and getting on your high horse earns you a reputation of being intransigent and a 'you versus the world' type of situation can disastrously follow. For success, cultivate moderation.

Jupiter Conjunction Saturn

The establishing of faith in life will not be without some quite severe tests. This could take the form, possibly from very early on in life, of some type of rigid faith that either forces you to stick with it through thick and thin, or, has put you off believing in anything other than what you can touch and see.

The result is that you are having to find a balance between faith and reality and to discover a vision of a better situation plus the practical means of getting there. Once you've done this, you will be a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Jupiter Conjunction Uranus

As if to counter the possibility of your beliefs becoming too dogmatic, you are occasionally but unexpectedly stormed by ideas that make mincemeat out of your former opinions. Paradoxically, the force of such ideas can make you dogmatic about them! You are nothing if not opinionated, but then your philosophy of life is sharp, lively and up-to-the-minute - but inherently ever changing.

Jupiter Conjunction Neptune

All along your path of development and discovery the principles that guide you are often weakened by a tendency to think better of others than they deserve, or that life is easier than it actually is. Indeed, your capacity to give the benefit of the doubt - which is born of the Utopian ideal that everyone is kind and beautiful deep down - is a major attribute of yours. But to avoid being dangerously gullible, ponder on the fact that everything is as good, beautiful and laid-back as it is - not as you fancy it to be.

Jupiter Conjunction Pluto

At the bottom of all this lies your desire to have a set of beliefs that accommodates and guides your deepest drives and fears so it is very likely that at some stage you came, or will come, into collision with whatever moral or religious influences prevail in your life. Sooner or later you embody, and have to overcome, some religious or cultural taboo - possibly concerning sex.
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