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Jupiter Trine Aspects

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When Jupiter is 120 degrees away from another planet it is said to be Trine that planet.
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Jupiter Trine Sun

By and large you fall into the positive category with respect to your faith in life and the luck that it attracts. There is, however, a danger of your taking it for granted, simply because it comes so naturally. All the same, your beliefs are the mainstay of your existence and vitality and others can learn much from them.

Jupiter Trine Moon

Your emotional background (whatever else it might have lumbered you with) has conferred upon you a sound moral sense. This guides you more than you know in all your moral deliberations. When you truly feel it, you believe it. In other words - you are blessed with being able to trust your positive feelings.

Jupiter Trine Mercury

You readily appreciate all these factors concerning your faith in life because you have clarity of thought and an innate sense of justice. You are well able to communicate these bigger issues of life to others. Any problems involved here are resolved sooner or later, thanks to your intelligent perception.

Jupiter Trine Venus

Very fortunately, the quality of your beliefs and ethics is appealing to most others. This is a gigantic asset for it means that something about you bears the promise of happiness, health and better things to come. I, for one, hope you make the most of this broad and beautiful streak of your personality.
Jupiter Trine Mars
In fact, there is something of the evangelist in you, for you promote your beliefs with some zeal. Neither are you an armchair philosopher. You don't just pontificate, but act and live out your beliefs. You are a crusader.

Jupiter Trine Saturn

You are also aware that your opinions and visions must in some way be applicable to the material situation at hand. Such considerations do slow down your mental flights somewhat, but you move ahead effectively on a broad front rather than being merely meteoric. In the process, you also develop a reliable set of moral values. Your efforts breed lasting results.

Jupiter Trine Uranus

Very fortunately, you have awareness that there are systems of belief which are liberal, lenient and that make provision for human nature rather than merely dictating to it. This healthy attitude of yours - not to mention a great sense of comedy - attracts the faith and interest of others who bestow funds, guidance or lasting friendship upon you.

Jupiter Trine Neptune

At one level of your being at least, you are gentle, compassionate and easygoing. This really has to be developed though, into a more conscious philosophy of the understanding of human nature and the ways of the world, for two simple reasons: firstly, you do have such a basically sound and altruistic outlook on life that it is therefore worth developing. Secondly, left to its own devices, your laissez-faire attitude could devolve into laziness and complacency.

Jupiter Trine Pluto

Your sense of faith and expansion has great power. This combination can attract great wealth - although the nature of this wealth will depend upon your Jupiter and Pluto Profiles as a whole. It will also depend upon other conditions, lessons or inhibitions that are present in your personality. Nonetheless, your sense of greatness is a gift, a promise, or a prize to be won.
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Text Copyright Lyn Birkbeck extracts from Soul Scope Astrology Report

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