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Jupiter Square Aspects

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When Jupiter is 90 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Square to that planet.
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Jupiter Square Sun

If you are normally on the shy or self-effacing side, now is a good time to get more in touch with your self-esteem and sense of enterprise, or you will encounter an excess of the same qualities in others. If you are usually fairly (or apparently) confident, you could find yourself being overbearing, too busy - and unlucky, through expecting too much. In either case though, there should be an urge to expand - but how you gauge this is the critical issue.

Jupiter Square Moon

You are liable to get carried away by the mood of the moment at present; so a lot depends upon what is currently preoccupying you. If you are stressed, then count to ten, for you could make a mountain out of a molehill - but then you shouldn't miss this opportunity to get in touch with your emotions. On the other hand, harmonious circumstances (indicated by other planetary influences) will allow you to feel very much a part of your surroundings, feeling closer than ever to others - especially family members and loved ones.

However, make sure that such people do not absorb too much of your psychic energy. All in all, this is a time to start putting your truest emotions on the map, understanding past influences, and setting a positive trend for future security.

Jupiter Square Mercury

Everything seems to happen at once now, which is fulfilling if you are organized and exasperating if you are not. Similarly, you have a more than usually broad perspective and overview of things at present, especially involving work or study programs - so you are able to plan ahead and achieve a great deal during this period. But if you wish to have the co-operation of others - or not feel let down by yourself - avoid getting carried away by enthusiasm, inflated expectations, or just plain arrogance. Also check the 'fine print'.

Jupiter Square Venus

Everything about your social and love life - the good, the bad, and the indifferent - is now magnified. You might go from the one extreme to another in the space of a few hours - from having fun to being distraught, and back again. Or one day you could be wildly enthusiastic about someone in your life, and next day feel they are limiting your freedom. Needless to say, it is probably sensible to wait until this period is over before making any decisions. But then again, such extremes could well see someone else making a decision for you.

Jupiter Square Mars

You could be rather arrogant at this time - or you'll cross swords with someone who is. It would be a pity to waste this surge of personal drive merely on feeling indignant, so endeavour to channel such energy into a constructive pursuit. But even if you do get on your high-horse or fly off the handle, you are likely to discover 'muscles' you didn't know you had. But a mixture of moderation and taking the initiative would be the best way of harnessing this force. However, failing to express your desires or be sure of your own space at this time could give rise to inner tension.

Jupiter Square Jupiter

This is really a chance to grow and expand, but how you read this has everything to do with how you manage and express it. Most likely, you experience a sense of abundance for some reason, be it real or notional. And so you go about spending this and promising that, and naturally, most people will be happy to go along with you.

But the danger of over-committing yourself and overestimating your luck is very real under this influence. Later on, you will have to pay for it. So the all too obvious advice here is to guard against excess, but stay in touch with that sense of joy and abundance, and the very real confidence that it can afford you.

Jupiter Square Saturn

Now you are looking for - and have the opportunity to discover - a balance between what is realistically possible and desirable to maintain, and what adjustments have to be made to your situations and expectations. You find then that over-optimism is promptly flattened, and that playing it too careful creates boredom or frustration.

So this is very much a time of trial and error; do not expect to have a ready answer born of some theory. Such reliable guidelines are in fact what you are establishing during this period. However, wherever you are genuinely sure of yourself, this period will eventually confirm it.

Jupiter Square Uranus

You feel that 'something's got to give', and if it doesn't then you'll make it do so! Whatever happens now is in aid of giving you a stronger sense of you as a one-off individual. This can mean being constantly pulled this way and that as your morals conflict with your urge to be free, or, for example, it might suddenly land you with the opportunity to do something entirely different.

Restlessness can be a particularly disruptive force in you right now, but you could more than satisfy such feelings through simply doing something that you'd never normally do. The pull or desirability of investing your time and energy in new ways of living and looking at life is strong now. Such involvements can act as a springboard into a fresh chapter in your life, where the world is more your oyster than ever it was before.

Jupiter Square Neptune

The possibility of contacting your ideals, and the sensitivity that goes with them, is great now. But then so is the challenge to express them, and to come to terms with any misunderstandings that have occurred because of sensitive spots in yourself and others not being properly looked at.

For this is a time when all such issues are put under the magnifying glass, and great honesty and discrimination has to be exercised in order that you may avoid being taken for a ride, feeling excessively disillusioned, or simply wasting your time and energy with misplaced sympathy. You have to make sure that your good intentions are not merely disguising your own emotional wounds.

Jupiter Square Pluto

One way or the other, now is a time when you get more in touch and involved with what needs changing and improving, and with the necessary force and will that can make this possible. But this can be rather like Aladdin and his Lamp, for the 'genie' of power and ambition that you summon up may well turn against you - however well-intentioned you thought you were.

Therefore be ruthlessly honest and careful about your motivation to gain any particular position or object, because the desire to serve the whole rather than just yourself is the only motivation that will truly justify, and indeed guide, your actions now. If your intentions are not honourable, then things could blow up in your face. On the other hand though, avoid being falsely modest, for this would cause you to miss out on the opportunity that is presently in the air.

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