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Jupiter Sextile Aspects

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When Jupiter is 60 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Sextile to that planet.
Other Aspects: Trine Conjunction Opposition Square

Jupiter Sextile Sun

This is a very positive time for you - so make the most of it. Equally, do not waste it, for there can be an inclination to just cruise and then have nothing to show for it later. There is the probability of putting your life on a better footing - or at least, there will be a sense of things being all for the best ultimately. Anything that furthers you physically or mentally can be fruitfully embarked upon now.

Jupiter Sextile Moon

This is not a particularly powerful influence, but you can make the most out of it by investing time and energy in whatever makes you and others feel safe and comfortable. And the more you cultivate what is familiar and nest-like, the more you'll attract goodwill from others. When linked with more dynamic influences, this time could be one of prosperity or securing something important.

Jupiter Sextile Mercury

Any kind of negotiation or strategy can be successfully accomplished or devised under this influence. So if there is a point you wish to grasp or convey, a subject you'd like to know more about, a journey to make, or a position you want - then now is the time to go for it. This is mainly because during this period you have the maximum number of facts at your fingertips, plenty of ideas, and a winning way about you.

Jupiter Sextile Venus

This is all about the more you give the more you get. Whatever you have been investing in life, emotionally or financially, can bring about dividends now. And whatever you give out now is sure to breed happiness in the future - if or because you feel the generosity of Life itself flowing through you. You'll get the best out of this influence by fully appreciating its qualities rather than merely indulging in them, which can be the temptation. Spent well or squandered.

Jupiter Sextile Mars

Because at this time you have an air of conviction and generosity, others can tune into it and are therefore willing to support or follow you. But the essential point to grasp is that initial sense of optimism, for this is the seed from which a chain reaction of encouragement and mutual advantage will grow. As soon as you act from this positive starting point, the world at large begins dancing to your tune - simply because it likes it!

Jupiter Sextile Jupiter

If things are going well right now, this will make them go better - or you could just sit back and coast for a while. If matters are difficult, this period can attract some much needed luck or help. It also highlights journeys and studying. You are able to see more and see further, so this is a good time to make plans, or put them forward. Whatever your circumstances, you should feel that someone up there loves you!

Jupiter Sextile Saturn

Whether or not more hectic or exciting planetary influences are around now, this one provides you with a sense of equilibrium and of the value of sobriety. You recognize and accept where your duties lie, and consequently go about performing them in a measured and matter-of-fact fashion. Anything that requires you to be serious or solitary, can be confidently undertaken now. At the very least, this period will help you to accept reality more.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus

This is a lucky influence, so during this time some kind of forward leap can occur. This may happen quite unexpectedly, so be quick on the draw, for much depends on how open you are to change and experiment. Fortunately, your mind is now more than usually geared to taking advantage of such new developments, which could involve science and technology, alternative subjects, or any type of far-reaching pursuit. Advancement is what this period is all about.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune

This influence is soft, even dreamy, and not particularly dynamic - so it brings a time of being able to tune into the Universe, and go with its intentions more than your own. Consequently, getting the best - or anything at all - out of this period greatly depends upon what you understand this to mean.

If you are by nature into doing 'good works' or looking into the meaning of life, then this will help you to do so even more. If you are more self-interested, this might just give you a glimpse of a greater and more meaningful life than you believed existed, which may simply be seen in the plight of one other or many others.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto

Generally, this is a time when you can improve anything that needs improving. The secret is to approach and launch any such endeavours in a spirit of everyone benefiting from them; you then find that 'the more you give, the more you get' is in fact a Law of the Universe rather than just a nice idea. You also notice during this period that the world itself is more alive to this Law - and is all the more so for your personally taking advantage of it.

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