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jupiter Facts

Mean Distance From Sun: 778,412,020 kilometers (483,682,810 miles).
Orbital period around the Sun: 11.8565 Earth years (4330.6 Earth days)
Distinguishing features: Much of the mystery surrounds Jupiter's interior. From the planet's mass, density, and magnetic field, scientists surmise that it probably has a dense core of rock and metal at least 10 times as massive as Earth. A thick layer of hydrogen surrounds the core. Jupiter's gravity squeezes this layer so tightly that it acts as a metal. The metallic hydrogen probably rotates at a different speed from the core, so it produces a "dynamo" effect, generating electric currents that create Jupiter's magnetic field.

Zodiac Sign Rulership: Sagittarius Old Rulerships: Sagittarius and Pisces

The planets up to and including Mars have been concerned with the establishment of ourselves as individuals, and with the satisfaction of our own needs and desires. The planets beyond Mars connect us with a larger order.

As the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter represents expansion and growth. It is the urge to grow beyond our individual limitations and the need to feel part of a larger order, whether this be a particular religion, philosophy or social system. Jupiter, the king of the gods, is traditionally the bestower of faith, optimism and the ability to expand and prosper. It is the planet that promotes personal growth, gives us confidence in ourselves and trust in a higher power or greater plan. Negatively, Jupiter can manifest as over-confidence, irresponsibility and the tendency to over-extend ourselves or promise too much.

Jupiter's sign position of and aspects to Jupiter in the chart show what kinds of experiences and types of activity create an inner faith and optimism, and the sense of being connected to the larger scheme of things.

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