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Eric Biss is the co-founder of My Star World astrology systems. He has written the Intimate Lover report, designed and produced the other report modules listed above, collaborating with astrologers in the UK and throughout the world.

Eric, originally studied Advertising and Marketing at London's College for the Distributive Trades. After graduating Eric, a Gemini, spent a total of 14 years working first in advertising then retail clothing followed by property development. It was in 1986 that Eric first became involved with Astrology, opening the Astrological Advice Bureau with his then business partner Roy Gillett, now President of the Astrological Association, supplying astrological software and computers to professional astrologers.

Working with a team of programmers and authors who together have succeeded in developing a unique system to produce astrology reports for customizable online stores for commercial and charitable organizations, software for the general public, as well as book and CD combinations for publishers.

His Company Stardm Ltd specializes in providing direct marketing of a variety of astrological services.

Lyn Birkbeck became interested in astrology in 1972. After seven years of study he turned professional in 1979 and since then has used his astrological skills to both help and enlighten thousands of people.

He has featured numerous times on television, radio and in the press and written the following books: Do It Yourself Astrology (1996 Element); Sun, Moon and Planet Signs (1990 Bloomsbury); Do It Yourself Relationship Astrology (1999 Element); Do It Yourself Life Plan Astrology (2000 Element);The Astrological Oracle (2002 Thorsons); Astro-Wisdom (O Books 2003);The Instant Astrologer (Book & Software CD O Books2003); Divine Astrology (O Books 2003).

Find out more about Lyn Birkbeck by reading his compelling articles:

What is Astrology Today? and The What and Why of Astrology?

John Hayes writes Astrology articles for Prediction Magazine, the UK’s premier Psychic New Age Magazine. A consultant with the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS) and a registered Healer.

John travels the World giving astrology readings and has clients from all walks of life. A consultant with the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS) and a registered Healer.

John travels around England, giving astrology readings and has clients from all walks of life. John also runs the Astrology Bookstore specializing in traditionally astrology. Holding a Diploma in Medieval Astrology John is currently studying advanced Horary Astrology. He has studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies and given talks on astrology and taught astrology to beginners.

John's deep interest in divination has led him to conclude that celestial omens herald earthly events. " I am also aware that there is a powerful psychic element at work the moment you are moved to seek advice and I am happy to answer specific questions, tuning into that moment. " Also focusing on your birth date, John works intuitively with understanding and honesty, guiding you through periods of change, helping you make the most of your opportunities.

The software has been thoughtfully created by Programming Director Chris Nelis co-founder of 'My Star World' and Eric Biss contributing Author and Managing Director of StarDM Ltd. Together with astrological authors Lyn Birkbeck, John Hayes and Jeff Prince the team at StarDM have created software that makes the magic of astrology easily accessible to all.

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