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Intimate Lover Interpretation Module

intimate_lover_report   "Dare To Find Out How Sexy You Are" using the Intimate Lover Module you can produce reports that give the reader an honest and in depth look at a persons sexuality.

Explaining the way they behave towards a lover, exactly what they need from a partner, find most exciting and important about making love.

Each Intimate Lover report will include:

  • What making love means to you.
  • The way you ‘perform’ and react to your lover.
  • Thoughts and self expression when making love.
  • What you value and need most in your partner.
  • Understanding the driving force of your sexuality.
  • Your capacity and desire for lovemaking.
  • Areas of awkwardness or possible inhibitions.

For the most enjoyment from your sexual relationship share your Intimate Lover reports with each other.

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