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Moon Trine Aspects

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When Moon is 120 degrees away from another planet it is said to be Trine that planet.
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Moon Trine Sun

All these emotional or instinctual qualities of yours are not just passive ones waiting around for someone to make use of them. Well at least, they need not be. You are well able to employ them in a creative and profitable way, as distinct from living them out solely in a private or personal world. Your emotional make-up is vibrant and alive, so make it shine forth!
Moon Trine Mercury

You have no trouble in conveying your feelings with the written or spoken word. Consequently, you are well able to keep social situations flowing and relaxed with your ready wit and natural poise. There is a slight danger of using your natural eloquence to evade pondering in much depth on anything. But when your mind and soul has something worth chewing on, you have the prized knack of putting it across to all and sundry. You also possess basic common sense.

Moon Trine Venus

What comes to the rescue in all your emotional interactions is a certain softness that you have about you - whether you are male or female. Others find it easy to bathe in your pleasingly familiar aura. This talent of yours for soothing and making people feel good has many uses and can take many forms.
Moon Trine Mars

You do have a very available supply of energy to meet your needs. You possibly take this for granted simply because it is always there as you work and relax with enviable ease. The more aware you are of this healthy balance that you have between your feelings and body energy, the more vibrant and confident you will feel, enabling you to achieve success in your chosen field of endeavour.

Moon Trine Jupiter

Come what may, you have an innate faith in life and that things will work out for the best. Because of this sense you have that caring and believing are an excellent combination, there is very little that you cannot make come out all right in the end. You also have green fingers - and maybe even the 'Midas Touch'. There is an emotional ease about you that can make a success of any of the positive issues mentioned, or to rectify the negative ones for yourself and others.

Moon Trine Saturn

As a kind of back up to all this, you have a natural sense of caution and economy. You lean to conventionality when in doubt. This serves you well as ballast - but not when you want to hoist the sails and get somewhere else. You should make the most of the more fiery, imaginative and animated traits of your personality, and then use this conservative trait as a steadying influence.

You are reliable and responsible emotionally, but may lack an outgoing expression of warmer feelings, even though they're there. Instinctively you know that in time everything will work out - that is unless you turn to stone!

Moon Trine Uranus

Because of, or despite all this, you have a well-evolved sense of how life actually works. This means to say that you possess a sound awareness of human nature and the human condition, which should be rounded off with a healthy air of detachment. You are also well attuned to the uniqueness of yourself and you are able to draw it out of others. In response to this, you should attract sound friends and what is right for you should happen at the right time.

Moon Trine Neptune

One of the finer dimensions to all this is your well-developed empathetic and psychical nature. Because of this you have the makings of the natural therapist or psychologist, possessing a healing ability of the soothing, relaxing kind. You have an excellent bedside manner and a feel for the mood of the moment.

Moon Trine Pluto

You are very able to 'sus out' people and situations. You are the natural psychologist. Such a great sense of the truth may even frighten you, but it need not because this intuition of yours enables you to deal with most matters that life presents. You possess a lively and humorous mind that is also able to conceive of or manage quite large projects - that is, providing you have not used such a wonderful intuition merely to avoid life's challenges.

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