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Sun Conjunction Aspects

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When Sun is 0 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Conjunction with that planet.
Other Aspects: Trine Opposition Sextile Square

Sun Conjunction Moon

You were born on or around the New Moon. This means that you are setting about something new or in a new way - most probably with respect to your Sun Profile as a whole. You express this sense of 'something budding' in one of two ways. You could either be childlike and lead with your feelings, without much thought of what resistance you may encounter, or, you hang back as a result of feeling inhibited by old habits and attitudes - the very things that you're supposed to be emerging from, in fact. In either case, you'd do well to imagine yourself, like a bud, unfolding through time in a natural, spontaneous and unforced manner.

Sun Conjunction Mercury

To assist you in all this you have a talent for finding the right means to put across your beliefs or intuitive ideas. Occasionally, maybe even frequently, you suffer from 'brain-jams' when you cannot find an avenue of thought wide enough to convey your ideas. But it isn't long before your ongoing verbal interaction with others, or one of the many books you read, or simply your ever-philosophical mind, comes up with the concept or the analogy that you require to make your point or to make sense out of your life.

Sun Conjunction Venus

What is bound to help and positively enhance all of this is your decidedly pleasant disposition. You have a will to please and love to create a friendly and harmonious social atmosphere. Your in-built grace and charm can accomplish this, as well as attracting people and material benefits. As long as you do not let this lull you into expecting a deceptively easy life, you will always lend a certain appeal and panache to any situation.

Sun Conjunction Mars

You have quite a strong and resilient nature. You are built for action and as a rule you have no trouble getting on with the job in hand. You are decisive, forthright and competitive and other people pick up on this and respond to it - although not necessarily that postively. You need to know what you want, otherwise what could be a mixture of desire and aimlessness or sheer obstinacy will create far more enemies than allies. Bear in mind that your undeniable drive and energy is ultimately only as good as what you are directing it towards. Your primary requirement is finding a worthwhile cause to promote.

Sun Conjunction Jupiter

Furthermore, you have an enthusiastic and philosophical bent and you travel far, inwardly and/or outwardly. In this way you cultivate as broad an awareness and viewpoint as possible. As a rule, you are optimistic and have faith that life is positive and going somewhere. There is a danger though of you being too abstract and conceptual, and of you over-estimating or being overly dramatic about things. But overall, others are greatly attracted to your expansive and essentially joyful nature. You can also be one of life's voyagers or wanderers.

Sun Conjunction Saturn

You either have an unshakeable discipline about you, or an impenetrable wall around you - or both. Yours is a life where your will is having to be built and tested, tested and built some more, in order to achieve the goals described by your Sun Profile as a whole. You therefore have, or need to construct, a highly objective attitude to life situations and adopt conventionally laid down, tried and true methods in order to achieve those ends. In the process though, take yourself less seriously, or else your innate sense of duty can amount to nothing more than a lonely twenty-four-hour-a-day guard around your fragile ego.

Sun Conjunction Uranus

However, in respect of much of all this you take up a decidedly radical position and aim to introduce to the world a strong sense of the original and innovative. This could well involve science and technology or metaphysics. You are heavily challenged in all the above-described areas with regard to this revolutionary stance that you adopt, especially by the more conservative elements of society, or even of your own personality. You can be quirky and cranky (and at times downright rebellious), but you are certainly your own person. At an evolved level you become quite a leading light.

Sun Conjunction Neptune

Most significantly though, pervading your sense of individual will and being is something that causes you to feel at one with the world around you, especially the natural world, and sometimes acutely sensitive and vulnerable to outside influences. There seems to be only a vague boundary that separates you from everything and everyone else. On the positive side, this does equip you with great imagination and compassion as you cannot help but identify with the greater whole.

Negatively though, it may be difficult for you to find a solid place in the material world. For this to happen, ultimately you have to see your purpose in life as being patently spiritual in the sense of doing something that employs (and is aware of ) divine or invisible forces, or that meets the needs of others. Resisting or merely playing at this will find you deceiving yourself and feeling increasingly helpless and looking for artificial means of escape. Behind all of this is the probability that your father's values confused your own.

Sun Conjunction Pluto

Deep in the core of your being lies something profound and powerful. You may not have a particularly conscious idea of what it is, but you are not going to let anyone take it, or you, lightly. It gives, or rather burdens, you with the feeling that there is a dark force in life that could be out to get you. If you identify too closely with this notion then you are on your way to being either a megalomaniac or a self-destructive manic-depressive, or, being in the clutches of one.

If, on the other hand, you purify your own intentions, and accept yourself as being a steward of, or a channel for this power, then whatever you do in life will be deeply effective. But through self-study or intimate relating you have to reach your own depths first, for that is where the power lies. You may find that your father plays, or has played, some part in what could be called this power complex, with him being highly influential in your life in some way - for good or ill.

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