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Ruling Planet: Pluto
Color: Red
Gem: Topaz
Part of Body: generative organs (bladder, uterus, etc.)
Herbs: Horehound, Blackberry Leaves, Blessed Thistle
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Element: Water
Mode: Fixed

Your essential purpose in life is to deepen and make more genuine whatever it is that you regard as important. To enable you to accomplish this you have an ability to see into the heart and soul of a person or situation, and to heal or transform what you find there.

The response that you get to this insight of yours varies. You can elicit from others extremes of mistrust or devotion and consequently be either mistrustful or utterly devoted yourself. Your probing intensity can certainly reach the parts that other Signs cannot reach. But if you don't wish to emotionally exhaust those people that matter to you, give the probing a break occasionally, for the world will get by for a while without it. This ability of yours to penetrate into another's emotional reality is sexually based. This means to say that Scorpio's renowned sexuality is more to do with your mind and feelings than your body.

This is what sets you apart from other Signs, for you are able to 'enter' someone else's space without even touching them. This psychological insight and the powerful influence that it can wield is compromised by one thing only: you suspect that others are doing the same to you with dubious intentions. This in turn gives rise to a downward spiral of discord that appears to prove your suspicions correct. Behind all this is your fear of having the chink in your armour - your vulnerability - spotted and taken advantage of. Spot it yourself first, and you are invulnerable.

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