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Saturn Opposition Aspects

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When Saturn is 180 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Opposition to that planet.
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Saturn Opposition Uranus

The Opposition between Saturn and Uranus indicates a conflict between responsibility and freedom. Saturn demands that we fulfil our responsibilities, whereas Uranus demands complete freedom. A stressful aspect between the two planets shows that at times it's difficult for you to integrate these two aspects of yourself in a consistent way. You may at times swing from one extreme to the other. You will tolerate your duties and responsibilities for a time until the pressure to rebel becomes so strong that you will do something totally unexpected, just to make a point.

At other times you may go through a period where you're determined to do things your own way but uncertainty and insecurity build up to the point where you suddenly let go of your freedom. As is usual with the Opposition, these conflicting pulls are often experienced through another person, who becomes for you the symbol of duty and responsibility or of freedom and self-determination.

Saturn Opposition Neptune

The Opposition between Saturn and Neptune indicates an occasional conflict between your dreams and reality. You may at times feel that your dreams are constantly being challenged and forced to come down to earth. There is also a tendency to swing between being a hard-headed pragmatist and a hopeless dreamer, with various degrees in between.

As usual with the Opposition, these influences will often come to you through someone else. If you are the dreamer, you will probably be attracted to someone who brings you back to reality. If you are the realist, you will more than likely be attracted to someone who can represent your higher ideals, such as artists and musicians.

Saturn Opposition Pluto

Saturn Opposite Pluto indicates that at times you will have to struggle to gain and maintain a position of material security, especially if you come up against Opposition from others. Nevertheless, this will also give you the strength of will and the determination to succeed and establish yourself on a secure footing against all the odds and all Opposition, although you must avoid the temptation to use devious tactics to get what you want. While other people may seem to get away with it, for you it will be inviting eventual disaster.

Even if the worst happens, you will not easily be beaten. Learning from your mistakes, you will come back fighting and start building again on stronger foundations.

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