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Sagittarius Mars

Sagittarius Mars

You assert yourself best . . .

when you have something to promote and believe in. This is why you have such energy and desire to travel and get around - in order to discover what it is that you are supposed to be championing, and then to actually do the championing. So initially, the essential thing is that you have the freedom to make off in any direction when and with whom you want to.

The trouble is that such wild energy as this - especially with regard to your sexual exploits - could become a law unto itself and you might forget that it was a means to an end, not an end in itself. So, at some point, you're likely to get 'hobbled' - that is, restrained by certain circumstances - until you've realigned yourself and your prodigious energies with some cause that's worthy of them, rather than simply horsing around. As a way of managing your great energy, or even as a pursuit in its own right, sporting activities should come naturally to you.

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