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The Rising Sign - Ascendant

The ascendant is the sign that was rising over the horizon at the time of birth. More than any other chart factor, the ascendant's position is dependent on both time (it changes by10 degrees every hour) and place of birth (someone born at the same time on the opposite side of the world will have the opposite sign rising) As such it is the sign that brings us into physical incarnation and the planet that rules the sign is said to be the ruler of the chart or our planetary ruler for this lifetime. Hence the sign and house position of the ascendant's ruler are of particular importance. Extracts of text taken from Soul Scope Report written by Lyn Birkbeck

aries Aries Rising

Physically you appear to be quite energized - as if something was about to pop. This is particularly noticeable in your eyes, which have an intense, pointed quality - rather like a bird's. And they dart about rather than hold a fixed stare. However, all physical features can also be affected by other planetary positions, as any First House planets can. You find your personal identity simply by putting yourself forward. Initially at least, it does not matter how you do this - just so long as you do. The keyword here is self-actualisation. As far as you are concerned, the act of physically doing something is what creates your feeling of Self. Nothing else will do this - except perhaps someone else acting in a typically Arian forceful or even violent fashion towards you - and this is likely to be damaging to you.

Your possibly overly forceful attitude and self-presentation would benefit from being toned down by some consideration for others feelings if you wish to maintain any agreeable relationships. Because of this somewhat egocentric way you have about you, it is likely that you will attract a partner who is graceful and socially aware, even to the point of being a bit of a yes-person. - Conversely, you may just as easily attract a mate as arrogant as yourself - and battle would ensue! Recognize that you are likely to come across as pushy or cheeky - even if you do not actually feel that way inside. On the plus side however, you are pleasingly chirpy. On the other hand, if you feel held back for some reason, then formulating some social purpose or ideal will help to mobilize your being.

If in doubt - Act! "Courage is not merely one of the virtues - but every virtue at its testing point".

With Aries Rising you have what has been called an "undeviated chart". This means that some or all of your planets fall in Houses which correspond to the Signs your planets are placed in - for example, a planet in the Fifth House being in the fifth Sign (Leo). This simply means that your innate qualities readily find optimum circumstances in which to flourish - for good or ill.

Mars is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Seven - Your Mars Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

taurus Taurus Rising

Your physical looks fall into one of two distinctive types. The more obvious one is the earthy, thick-necked, curly-haired kind who exudes a strongly physical aura - often attractive to the opposite sex. If you are the other type, you are more fine-featured, but maybe slightly fleshy in parts, full-lipped for instance. This type is also usually sexually attractive. You find your identity through seeking for yourself a sense of substance. This is usually material inasmuch as you like to own things in the form of property, investments, credit, etc. But it could also mean something purely biological, such as a having a baby - and this is particularly significant if you are a female who has not found any other meaning to her life.

On the purely earthy level of expression, you are at home with yourself while gardening or involved with Nature. You are also quite sensuous, being fond of food, drink, sex and creature comforts. Being ruled by material considerations at the expense of the more intangible or spiritual dimensions of life is an inclination you have that can lead to a sort of thick-headed confusion. If this happens, you'd then need to remind yourself that there is a hidden or psychological side to life that is equally important. What happens is that you tend to attract partners or relationships that force you to see things from this more psychological perspective, for you are not able to stabilize your intense emotions in any other way.

Stability is very important to you, so you do not entertain too broad a scope of possibilities as a rule, because you realise that this would complicate matters. You like to keep things at a manageable level. This can mean that you limit yourself unnecessarily, but limited as your field of endeavour may be, you are thorough and efficient and dependable within that field.

Venus is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Six - Your Venus Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

gemini Gemini Rising

You come across as quite light and accessible, and have an array of interesting facts, useful people, and witty anecdotes at your fingertips. You are dextrous and versatile, and have a light touch. You go to meet the world with your intellect, which means to say that you can readily make and maintain contact with others, but in a way that does not give too much away emotionally. Initially, and as a rule, others would not perceive the deeper and more complex side of your nature, for your plausible air conceals it. That is until this other, deeper side of you, as a result of not being expressed often enough, comes right up to a point just behind your surface impression.

At this significant stage in your development - which you arrive at sooner or later, or may even have started off at - your external display of words and gestures either begins to sound like a worn-out gramophone record or it dries up altogether. What this all amounts to is that you are indeed a genuine communicator, but what and how you are communicating becomes the burning issue. In life, you are attracted to people that are less clever with their wits and words, but are more able to see the whole picture rather than just one side of it.

Obviously they are trying to tell you something! For this same reason you may choose to avoid intimate relating altogether, or go for people that play the same "now you see me, now you don't" kind of game that goes round in circles. When you do cease nervously palming your heavier cards to the bottom of your deck and come right out with your emotional reality, what can then begin to appear is the genius within you what can dazzle and amaze, enlighten and entertain, by being simultaneously both light and heavy, as opposed to being merely two-faced.

Mercury is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Five - Your Mercury Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

cancer Cancer Rising

You have a caring and receptive aura, and look for or act naturally as a mother figure. In fact, mother complexes are common with this Ascendant; it is important to establish whether or not such strong ties with your mother - and with your family in general - are entirely healthy.

If you are male, you often play down this caring and intensely personal sense by developing a shell by hiding behind political rationale and conventional social behaviour (and females can also be prone to this ploy), or by building a tough macho body. Because yours is a very personal and soft approach, it therefore feels easy to approach you. But this can be quite deceptive because there is that shell protecting the source of your vulnerable softness.

So you like being close - but not too close. Cancer Rising has been described as the "Emotional Waste Paper Basket", for you can be "dumped upon" as a result of appearing too available emotionally. This may resemble a feeling of security through being needed, but some discrimination and increased sense of self-worth are eventually called for. Be that as it may, you do find your identity through responding to the needs of others as well as your own.

Crab-like, you approach matters and people in a sideways, indirect fashion. This can be very consoling to someone who needs to be dealt with in such a softly-softly fashion. But you tend to attract relationships where emotionally sticky issues need confronting in a more direct, objective, matter-of-fact way.

The Moon is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Three - Your Moon Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

leo Leo Rising

You have a winning, confident and usually sunny exterior. But how much your inner being is living up to this outer show can be another story entirely. It is as if you project a successful image, which the rest of your personality has to live up to somehow. This can prove a very effective means of self-development, as long as you do not weaken.

Dignity, and pride in your appearance are therefore significant and important. This commanding impression as observed by others should not be underestimated or overlooked, because it is either convincing and effective or overbearing and affected. And responses from others vindicating your own actions or attitudes are easily believed. So beware of flatterers and bootlickers, for they could give you a false impression of yourself.

All the same, you do need approval and praise from others in order to maintain your confidence - so keep displaying your wares. You tend to attract unusual or unstable relationships that require a certain amount of detachment and freedom from possessiveness. This is in aid of offsetting or challenging the self-possessed or regal air, which you appear to have.

The Sun is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Two - Your Sun Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

virgo Virgo Rising

You are usually clean and neatly turned out, or dishevelled in a studied kind of way. You appear younger than your actual age, or at least, your eyes themselves - as distinct from the surrounding skin - are especially clear and unlived-in. This could be because you are quite health conscious.

For this reason and also because you want to protect yourself emotionally, you have a preoccupation with things being "just so", characterized by an ongoing criticism of what is happening around you. The true reason behind this is that you wish to keep a certain part of your own being pure and very much to yourself. It would be better to identify quite what that part is, and look after it, rather than wind up feeling totally isolated and allergic to life's unavoidable impurities. Also, you can appear to be watching every slightest move or detail.

Others can find this reassuring or fussy; it very much depends on what the feeling is behind such a perceptive gaze. Is it critical or caring? You attract sensitive or creative types, who possibly require your subtle attentiveness, or else you can attract lazy, irresponsible or demanding types who can turn you into a slave because you have yet to acquire a modest demeanour, a sense of service, or worthwhile employment - all of which qualities are the hallmark of a healthy Virgo Ascendant.

Mercury is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Five - Your Mercury Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

libra Libra Rising

You are always trying to be fair and equitable, and you have the looks or demeanour to match. You attempt to find your identity as a counterweight to whatever is going on around you. Usually this is a matter of adjusting yourself to fit in, and/or to consistently put forward "the case for the opposition". It can also mean that if things are socially a bit dull, then a few caustic remarks are in order.

Or conversely, you could introduce a touch of seriousness when the going gets too frivolous. This is all very well, but who is this person, this human counterweight? What are his or her values, beliefs and convictions? It is very important that you establish them and act upon them if you are to avoid becoming a cipher who finds it impossible to get off the fence and make a decision that does not need the approval of whoever you regard as the approving body.

To be a successful social animal you have to have firm social principles to discover and establish your own ground, rather than just teeter on the spot. As a balance to all this counterbalancing, you tend to be attracted to assertive or wild partners who are motivated by straightforward or wilful desires rather than what others think. You should take a leaf or two from their book.

Venus is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Six - Your Venus Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

scorpio Scorpio Rising

You emanate a strong emotional or sexual force field that can transform your surroundings, be they personal or even global, to a far better or far worse state. Notable examples: Gandhi, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Thatcher. You base your identity on power and influence, and consequently have to wrestle with the dark side of life and of yourself. Failure to do so creates an unpleasant atmosphere.

This dark side should be exorcised artistically or psychotherapeutically or through sexual love - or a combination of these. You need a stable and resolute mate to balance out this intensity, but you should endeavour to develop your own stable qualities. You usually have a penetrating gaze - as if you are seeing life through X-ray eyes, and indeed you are able to see beneath surface appearances. In addition, or alternatively, you somehow "cloak" your true feelings and identity, as if you had something you'd rather not have seen by others - or yourself for that matter.

All this matches or creates your strong sexual vibration and sense, and gives you the ability to become quite unnoticeable, yet still emanate that intense atmosphere. You like secrecy and all that it involves. As such, you make an excellent confidante for possessing a secret, this far more enjoyable to you than spreading gossip. However, your secrecy could be expressed as keeping your deepest doubts to yourself, with the consequence that no one can really get close to you, which is actually what you desire deep down.

Pluto is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Twelve - Your Pluto Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

sagittarius Sagittarius Rising

You are likely to see the world constantly as your oyster. To you, life is always full of great possibilities, extraordinary experiences, and horizons to disappear over. Such an outgoing and adventurous outlook is obviously an asset for you are great at exhorting others to do more and get more out of life. You stir people up, one way or another - whether you want to or not.

Some kind of philosophical or enterprising end has to be in sight so that there is an intelligent and appealing direction to justify your arousing nature. Put in another way, you have to have a product to match your advertisement. On a social level you are a good party person. In fact you are often the spirit of enjoyment itself. You excel at gathering people together for any reason, be it in the role of teacher, preacher or reveller.

Your physical features are usually broad, or at least there is a certain breadth of character that is both exciting and relaxing to be with; somewhat similar to standing next to a horse. Your physique can be rangy, lanky, or compact and energetic. But your expansive nature can manifest as a weight problem when not properly expressed. A long prominent jaw, with perhaps a horse-like grin, can also be in evidence. You will find that you attract people who wish to provide you with the facts and figures of life in an effort to counter-balance your adventurous projects.

You might see this as them checking your progress or limiting your freedom, but in fact they are making that vitally practical contribution which you can so easily overlook.

Jupiter is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Eight - Your Jupiter Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

capricorn Capricorn Rising

Your physical appearance can appear quite earthy, rock-like - or even a little devilish. Or you might incline to the lean and bony side, reflecting the hardworking and sometimes self-denying quality of this Sign. The flow of your self-expression greatly depends on whether you can perceive structure and usefulness in what you are doing or whom you are doing it for. So your approach to life is decidedly industrious, no-nonsense, and geared to weighing yourself down with what you regard as worthwhile responsibilities.

However, there is another side to Capricorn other than this rather serious and inhibiting one, and this has to do with the Goat's closeness to Nature. A good way of appreciating this is to think of Pan (the Goat-footed God) who is the Deity of the fruits of the Earth, which are to be both enjoyed as well as employed. Indeed, considering your hardworking nature, you should enjoy the senses simply because you deserve to. While on the bleak side you can sometimes be a wet blanket in company, at your best other people feel happy and secure at work or at play when they are in your presence, for you give off an impression of having the material situation under control.

Even though this could be somewhat illusionary, this image that you project of authority and efficiency should be regarded as your own role model, rather than blindly modelling yourself on external standards. As a balance to this, you tend to attract people who are more in touch with their inner feelings, be they caring and nurturing, or just wrapped up in themselves.

Saturn is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Nine - Your Saturn Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

aquarius Aquarius Rising

You have a decidedly detached and cool outlook that enables you to see how the world works in quite an objective, even scientific way. The image you present is a "civilized idea" of what you think you are supposed to be. Your appearance can also be unusual, inventive, or making a statement of some kind. Physically, you look quintessentially "human".

To a greater or lesser degree you set trends amongst your peers, and identify with future oriented pursuits and ideas; you may even lose yourself in them. As a compensatory reaction to your cool exterior you attract passionate or even explosive relationships and situations, which are in aid of burning through to the passionate heart which is hidden behind that idealistic and conceptualised facade.

Your ability to cut off when the emotional going gets too rough is remarkable, but use it carefully for one day you might find it both difficult and desirable to switch on again. All in all, you aim to see everything and everyone impartially, just as they are, which turns out to be a mixture or both the ordinary and the special.

Uranus is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Ten - Your Uranus Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

pisces Pisces Rising

You experience your body as one big feeler or antenna, so you are very open to pleasure and pain, and therefore you identify with whatever stimulus seems the most appropriate to your ever-shifting outlook. If you feel like languishing ecstatically, then you become an exotic hedonist; if guilt prevails, then you are drawn to pain and punishment, or purity and asceticism. When feeling positive and noble, the artist or the healer appears as your persona. The list is endless - and likewise, you can appear to be many things to others.

Sooner or later your life has to be organized in a fashion that stops your various identities constantly changing into one another, for this breeds some confusion in others, and oceans of it in yourself. In order to acquire this integrated identity, you should embark upon a definite task or service in order that your super-sensitivity can be positively employed, otherwise you are in danger of dissolving into the boundless.

Such sensitivity could be divided into three types: Intuitive-Healing; Imaginative-Inspiring: Mystical-Enlightening. In the first case, it is your soft and soothing presence, which is also deep and powerful, like the sea that can give rise to a healing ability. In the second, the myriad impressions you receive from your inner and outer environments can be translated into sound or vision or words. In the third case, your psychic awareness allows you to tune into presences, atmospheres and ethereal realms in such a way as to broaden and enrich your own and others' senses of what constitutes reality.

In order to balance out and focus these subtleties, you tend to attract partners who are helpful and discriminating, and point out the precise and practical details of life.

Neptune is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Eleven - Your Neptune Profile, with this in mind. Get my Soul Scope Report

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