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Planets in The Ninth House - Extracts from Soul Scope

The 9th house is naturally associated with the sign of Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter. After the often painful experiences in the 8th, in the 9th house we seek to understand the meaning of our experiences and our connections to the greater whole. This house represents our search for meaning through philosophy and religion. In this area of life we also seek to expand our knowledge and awareness through travel and higher education. Hence this house is also connected with all forms of higher education, travel to foreign lands, the law, religion and the use of the higher or more intuitive mental faculties. Extracts of text taken from Soul Scope Report written by Lyn Birkbeck

aries Sun in the 9th House

All of this focuses mostly upon activities which serve to further and explore - or it certainly should do. Such activities could therefore include publishing, travel, philosophy, law, religion, teaching, sports and further education. It's important for you to find a meaning to your life and to gain a sense that everything is ultimately going somewhere because then you'd have a broad view of life issues, possess an evolving sense of right and wrong, and also make a good travelling companion. Get my Soul Scope Report

taurus Moon in the 9th House

Whatever your feeling nature is, there is an energy and enthusiasm to it because you are instinctively aware that the World is more than we can ever know. And so you perennially sense the possibility that around the corner waits another enthralling clue to the mystery of life. For the same reason, you can be adept at reading signs and omens. Get my Soul Scope Report

gemini Mercury in the 9th House

Primarily, you use these mental capabilities to evolve a philosophy of life, (through travel, study, conversation, etc.) that keeps you free of stale ideas and biased attitudes that slow so many others down almost to a standstill. You aim to maintain a free and open mind. On the negative side though, you can be inclined to roll around the world and accumulate not much more than passport stamps and a globe trotting, laid-back manner. Get my Soul Scope Report

cancer Venus in the 9th House

These love feelings of yours find a clearer focus in your developing a philosophy of love through your covering mental or physical ground and so the love you seek is likely to be experienced upon a journey or with a person in, or from, a foreign land. Places of higher learning are also conducive to your finding love, as well as pleasure and rewards
. Get my Soul Scope Report

leo Mars in the 9th House

Your manner of self-assertion most readily finds expression in the field of your beliefs and in areas of furtherance - such as travel, law or higher education. You see - or need to see - your moral convictions as especially valid ones because they are what determine the strength of your assertiveness. Taken to extreme, you can have a righteous and crusader-like attitude and this means that you are bound to meet someone or something that challenges it.
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virgo Jupiter in the 9th House

Faith in life for you should always be on the up and up because opportunities for furtherance - through such pursuits as travel, higher education, philosophy or religious seeking - come and go in abundance. However, a lot depends upon whether you make the most of them by putting hard work and effort into making progress an ongoing thing rather than just a chance occurrence that peters out. Get my Soul Scope Report

libra Saturn in the 9th House

These lessons and tests (and the authority that they can earn you), focus largely upon issues of belief and morality. As if to set this in motion, you were probably brought up with a very strict morality and rigid religious doctrine, or, in the absence of any kind of faith or divine law. It could also have been a combination of the two - like a political ideology - or you could since have reversed your philosophy of life. In any event, what you are trying to attain is an image of 'God' that is more practical and accommodating of your individual personality. Get my Soul Scope Report

scorpio Uranus in the 9th House

These changes and advancement through technology or alternative disciplines, are likely to find their way into your life via further education, travel to foreign parts, or generally seeking to broaden your horizons through religion or philosophical thought and discussion. What you believe in has to have an unconventional, even rebellious, quality about it. You are likely to pursue systems of belief that originate in a culture very different to your own. Get my Soul Scope Report

sagittarius Neptune in the 9th House

For you, such sensitivity and spirituality manifests itself in a search for some belief or higher meaning to life. Any need that you have to find an 'answer' or a 'way' is strongly influenced by emotional fears and fancies. You are therefore liable to convince yourself that anything or anyone who offers an all-inclusive philosophy (or way out) of life is worth giving up a lot for.

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capricorn Pluto in the 9th House

Power and transformation come to you via your beliefs and moral standards. You have deeply held convictions concerning these matters, or else you'll feel hounded until you discover them. Behind all this you could have a 'hell-fire and damnation' sort of image of God which can either put you off religion altogether or make you into a zealot. Get my Soul Scope Report

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Extracts of text taken from Soul Scope Report written by Lyn Birkbeck


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