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Planets in The Third House

The 3rd house is naturally associated with the sign Gemini and its ruling planet Mercury. After stabilising our self identity, and acquiring a sense of security in the 2nd, we need, in the 3rd house, to establish our relationship to our immediate environment. This house represents the area of experience concerned with communication and the exchange of information with our immediate social environment. It represents the activity of learning and the type and direction of intellectual and educational skills. On a more mundane level, the 3rd house is related to short journeys immediate relatives (brothers and sisters if any), and their roles in our lives. Extracts of text taken from Soul Scope Report written by Lyn Birkbeck

aries Sun in the 3rd House

All of this is most likely to focus upon various forms of communication, such as the written or spoken word, and interactions with your regional environment. A maxim for you could be "Think globally - act locally". Your siblings, or lack of them, as well as acquaintances and everyday encounters, and your education, will also figure strongly here for these are what have particularly affected the forming of your mind.

In turn, your mental attitude strongly influences your day-to-day situation, and so with you it is very much a case of a positive outlook creating a positive reaction, and of pessimistic expectations breeding precisely what you feared. You find that making short trips here and there, and generally keeping in touch is what keeps you confident and interested in life. Get my Soul Scope Report

taurus Moon in the 3rd House

All these feelings are greatly reflected in your relationships with siblings, your school years, and in how you go about your everyday affairs. Your feelings can lend themselves to the climate of the moment with some ease so occupations running from advisor to shopkeeper, writer to local gossip, are all naturals for you. Such an ongoing curiosity as yours both dislikes routine and can dispel it.

Indeed, you have the common touch and are invariably aware of what's happening locally. You can be intellectually stimulating, but may prattle on somewhat - it all depends what you fill your mind with - but fill it you will. Your ear-to-the-ground awareness is very useful in serving your Moon-Sign's needs, and it also enables you to keep your acquaintances, and even the general public, in touch with whatever you regard as nourishing, reassuring or emotionally significant. Get my Soul Scope Report

gemini Mercury in the 3rd House

Whatever kind of intellect you have, you are naturally able to gather and disseminate information, improving your word power as you do so. You relish making contact with others and establishing common areas of interest. By the same token, you can also get easily bored if the only live wire around seems to be you. Intellectual parity - or the lack of it - with brothers and sisters or fellow students can profoundly affect your mental self-esteem. However, your mental contribution to the world around you should never be underestimated because whatever else might be said, you certainly influence the minds of others.
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cancer Venus in the 3rd House

These values or senses find their expression most easily in all areas of communication, be it in the written or spoken word, or in how you conduct yourself in day-to-day interactions with acquaintances, shop people, siblings, etc. Neither do you like to leave any one day in a negative state of mind (as the result of an argument for example), for you know only too well that it would cast a shadow over the next.

You have a talent for literature and a naturally lyrical sense. Because of this beauty of mind, other people find it easy to relax or open up in your presence, so this also facilitates any kind of social or therapy work. Get my Soul Scope Report

leo Mars in the 3rd House

Most or all of this applies especially to your manner of speech or literary expression, your everyday encounters, giving or receiving education and your relationships with siblings. You could say that these areas are the battleground of your life. Your Mars Aspects below will reveal how easy or difficult that battle is. Ultimately, you should be a strong voice, which is heard above others'. Get my Soul Scope Report

virgo Jupiter in the 3rd House

Most of all you apply this faith to, or look for it in, your everyday interactions with others. You are the type who brings philosophical concepts into the most ordinary spheres of everyday thought. Sometimes the high-flown ideas that you expound to all and sundry can be found to be impractical and out of place. You come across as being wordy and abstruse but, with your broader viewpoint, bend the ear of the common man you certainly will - despite his narrowness or incomprehension. Get my Soul Scope Report

libra Saturn in the 3rd House

These lessons focus mainly upon your schooling and your daily interactions with others - especially with siblings. Problems and challenges in these areas of book learning and everyday communications are quite likely, or you make a point of becoming so good at them that you can drive others away with your worship of facts - whatever the subject may be.

What all this really boils down to is your allotting the correct value to reason and factual information. This can take the form of anything from your having learning difficulties to your teaching people with learning difficulties. You may have respiratory problems, for these are symptomatic of difficulty taking things in and giving them out. Whatever the case, you have a specific mental task to perform and possibly even excel in. Get my Soul Scope Report

scorpio Uranus in the 3rd House

Your urge for change, awakening and uniqueness can show itself as your being the odd-one-out as far as education, relatives, communicating and thinking are concerned. To meet this with feelings of suspicion and alienation would be missing the point of your having an original and inventive mind that is able to influence and lead. It doesn't run away.

If Uranus has difficult Aspects (see below) shocks and accidents can occur involving travel or brothers or sisters. Any such events should be investigated for they would profoundly affect your mentality and everyday attitude towards life. You may also move around a lot, or not fit in with acquaintances. Again this is a sign of your restless and unusual mind that, when positively expressed, can introduce the new and unusual to everyday life, the cosmic into the commonplace. Get my Soul Scope Report

sagittarius Neptune in the 3rd House

You have in you a poetic or literary talent, or at least the ability to introduce into the commonplace a ray of wonder, a spiritual insight, an element of relief. Alternatively, your intellect may feel confused by apparently irrational notions.

Your early school years would either have found a way for your imagination to flow freely, or would have stamped on it as mere daydreaming with the consequence that you now block your imagination and brand it as impractical or irrational. But a failure or reluctance to give expression to the play of your imagination, finer feelings, or sense of some greater all-inclusive reality can give rise to mental aberrations such as paranoia, unreliable recall, mis-recording of information, obsession with facts, etc as the greater reality breaks down your mental barriers.

As if to prove the point, any brothers or sisters will embody Neptunian traits that range from the creatively inspired to the glamorous, from the compassionate to that which needs or elicits compassion. Indeed, your relationships with siblings and acquaintances either evoke feelings of estrangement through lack of rapport, or more hopefully, a subtle, unspoken understanding. Get my Soul Scope Report

capricorn Pluto in the 3rd House

For you, any call to transformation and for depth of experience is aimed at areas of communication such as education, everyday encounters with relatives, acquaintances, etc. Indeed, such areas are usually noted for their ordinariness and so you could well play down heavier and darker emotions such as guilt, desire, phobias and the like. Or as a child, they may have been kept out of the way for you - or conversely, they may have been thrust under your nose in the form of some crisis at school, the death of a brother or sister, or something that deeply disturbed your ability to learn or communicate.

Hopefully, in time you come to really appreciate the power of thoughts and words and of seemingly commonplace everyday occurrences. This appreciation could show itself as an interest in any subject that requires deep thinking - like psychology, detective work, the transforming of your local environment through tackling pollution or informing your acquaintances of something of great importance.

If you actually use the written or spoken word to convey your deeper feelings, your writings will be aimed at altering the very way in which we look at life. In short, in one way or another, you aim to introduce a more profound intellectual tone to your surroundings. Get my Soul Scope Report

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Extracts of text taken from Soul Scope Report written by Lyn Birkbeck

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