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Planets in The First House

The 1st house is naturally associated with Aries and its ruling planet Mars. The ascendant is the cusp of the 1st house. This house represents the area of life concerned with our sense of self identity. Signs and planets in this house reflect both who we are and how we meet life. It represents our personal identity, and the need to be a separate and distinct person. The physical body is the material expression of our self identity, and its strengths and weaknesses are indicated by this house. Another way of viewing the 1st house is as the lens through which we perceive life, and which colours our view of existence. Extracts of text taken from Soul Scope Report written by Lyn Birkbeck

aries Sun in the 1st House

All these qualities should be quite obvious in the way that you come across. You should allow and trust your identity to shine forth - warts and all. But just because you do wear your heart on your sleeve, you can feel rather self-conscious. This could then lead to a feeling that all your worst aspects are showing and so you retreat behind what turns into a cloud.

This hiding of your own light must be resisted; otherwise you'd be missing the point of having a naturally sunny personality that can shed light on whatever you regard as important. At the other extreme you can turn your self-consciousness into arrogance, which prevents you from taking on board any useful feedback for fear of it being negative. So whether you're prone to cutting off your nose to spite your face, or perpetually blowing your own trumpet, I think you'll find that working up an enthusiasm for yourself, tempered with a bit of modesty, will put a smile on the faces of both yourself and others. Get my Soul Scope Report

taurus Moon in the 1st House

This need and emotional disposition of yours is what you constantly live by for it is how you immediately respond to all life situations. There is a childlike quality to how you put yourself across, and therefore, like a child, you can be anything from ingenuously enchanting to acutely annoying.

You wear your emotions on your sleeve for all to see - at least, such as I have described them under your Moon-Sign. This is important to bear in mind, for others are inclined to take you at face value - for better or worse. You have a naturally caring approach and a sympathetic touch - particularly if you are female. Get my Soul Scope Report

gemini Mercury in the 1st House

This way of thinking and perceiving is quite obvious upon meeting you. You are known for what you say and how you say it. Your mental attitude is highly important because when you put out a negative idea or remark it will quickly make others avoid you. Conversely, when your mind is in a curious and active mode, you attract interest and stimulation and people desire to make and maintain contact with you. Your physical appearance itself is usually slim or wiry, mobile or fidgety and your hands and face are very expressive. Versatility can be your identifying feature - along with your wit and sharp perception - but it is crucial that you don't identify too much with these mental characteristics because, funny and clever as they are, there is far more to you than just your wits and perception. But as they are so upfront, that is all others might choose to see. Get my Soul Scope Report

cancer Venus in the 1st House

These qualities of love and beauty express themselves primarily in your actual physical presence, appearance or manner of expression. You are either lovely to look at or pleasant to be with - or both. If you are the former, your looks could take you far in one respect, but hold you back in another, simply because you haven't had to do anything other than just be there. This can be very much the case if you are a female who is past her prime.

Essentially you have the great asset of being attractive - which is just that, i.e. others are drawn to you. If you have some inner quality to offer as well, then you have the best of both worlds. Your art is the way you are. Get my Soul Scope Report

leo Mars in the 1st House

All this is quite apparent in your actual physical appearance or presentation. You put yourself forward quite spontaneously, or you feel pushed forward even though you'd rather not be. This natural assertiveness can be negatively or unconsciously expressed in accidents to your head or face, leaving scars. It could be said that your very identity is what you are fighting for and this could have been apparent at birth, with you bursting out as it were.

In any event though, you do have undeniable body energy, which needs directing into some physically competitive activity, sport or martial discipline such as karate. If you are not quite so aggressive, but are more pent-up, Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga or the like would be more suitable. In short, you just have to assert yourself; it's finding the right method, measure and motive that are the crucial issues. Get my Soul Scope Report

virgo Jupiter in the 1st House

You actually embody your Jupiter qualities. In other words, you put your sense of greatness and growth into your physical presence or appearance. This can mean that you are physically big or rangy. It could also mean that you put your faith primarily in your physical condition and effectiveness.

The voyager, the gambler, the entrepreneur, the teacher, the actor, fall guy - these are all possible guises you might adopt. You should be outgoing and generous in some way but if not, you could well express this in a negative way, such as being overweight, dramatically ungainly or swaggering, or too open. Essentially you are aiming to be a physical example of what faith and enthusiasm are all about. Get my Soul Scope Report

libra Saturn in the 1st House

Your Saturn Profile is actually etched into your physical appearance and manner of self-expression so you are probably lean and bony or swarthy; you are certainly not fleshy - unless there is some other contrary planetary influence. You can look rather undernourished even though your health is usually reliable, except perhaps for complaints of stiffness. Such a look could be said to indicate that you're a bit mean with yourself and the stiffness could be a sign that you're being too rigid or formal. You might also experience skin trouble as a sign that you are being too self-contained and not showing your true self.

Yet another mask could be a very sleek and impenetrable countenance (like highly polished veneer) and this can be very effective in commanding order or respect. But behind this guarded persona is your most difficult task - that of emerging into the world as you actually are, rather than as what you feel is expected of you, which is to be conventional (even if in an acceptably unconventional way). This can be further expressed as your having to see life in very concrete and logical terms.

Behind all this is your early life which was difficult in that your own identity was not allowed to emerge, or your birth itself was difficult indicating perhaps that you did not want to enter the harsh reality of Earth-life at all. Finding a face to present to the world while, at the same, avoiding confusion with the external image of who you actually are inside is precisely what you are having to do. Get my Soul Scope Report

scorpio Uranus in the 1st House

You actually embody the qualities of Uranus so you give off an electrically charged aura, which can either be stimulating or shocking - depending on your overall personality. Sparks of genius and eccentricity fly off you. You have a sharp awareness of your very existence, which can amount to being a testament to the uniqueness of the individual or to just being downright odd.

You can inspire or move the masses; or just be plain awkward, clumsy and disruptive. Your physical appearance is probably unusual or arresting in some way too. Freedom and rights can become a valid or distorting issue for you, expressed as being stubbornly rebellious just for the sake of it, or as a reformer who actually makes radical changes to the world around you. In any case, you should first reform your own attitudes or be prepared to be drastically transformed yourself in the process.

You are astoundingly intuitive at times - laying bare pseudo or subtle personality traits in others with great precision and sang-froid. Indeed, your intuition is your leading edge and may well find a fruitful expression in psychology, astrology, science and technology, etc. You are also inventive; in essence, I would say that you are inventing your very self. Get my Soul Scope Report

sagittarius Neptune in the 1st House

The sensitive issue with you is your very identity. The impression that others get from you is the one that they unconsciously fear or wish for. This is because you are adept at moulding yourself to embody whatever they expect of you. Meanwhile, your own sense of identity proves rather elusive. Another pitfall to watch out for is your susceptibility for seeing things as you want to see them. These difficulties arise because you are seeing everything and everyone as an extension of yourself.

Consequently, you get caught up in living out the myths of other people. This can take the form of being glamorous and mystical, or weak and submissive, or anything else that appeals to people's fantasies. Your eyes themselves seem to match this by having a mysterious or far away quality, or your sight may be weak, or even non-existent - but in any case you may well have the gift of second sight.

Indeed it is your psychic sensitivity that's behind all this confusion and enigma. When you as an individual learn to use this sensitivity to tune into something that is really fine and beautiful - as opposed to randomly taking on everyone else's idea of such a thing - then your identity becomes a channel for your ideals, visions and dreams. But in order to do this you would need to rid yourself of the illusions created by having used your clairvoyance merely to please others and gain acceptance for yourself.

You can only be truly accepted by others when you have accepted yourself. In order to do this you must train your acute sensitivity through meditation, self-contemplation, or creative activities such as music, drama and dance, or through giving yourself over to some spiritual cause or healing ministry. The point is that you are naturally equipped to identify with, and find your identity through, one or more of these pursuits. Get my Soul Scope Report

capricorn Pluto in the 1st House

You actually embody what Pluto is all about. This gives you a powerful presence and a magnetic intensity, as well as an acute and even obsessive self-consciousness, because it's your own identity and image itself that is undergoing a process of transformation.

False or outworn ideas of yourself attract drastic upheavals that take you down to more profound levels of consciousness. More and more you see right through to the very core of things - nothing else satisfies. As if to bear witness to this, your eyes have a penetrating gaze, or are like unfathomable pools.

This look and presence of yours has a provocative effect upon others - and this can cause you to feel quite alone at times. It's very much down to you and your psychological attitude as to whether you provoke a healing process in others as you manipulate the way they think and feel, or whether you merely alienate them and thereby feel even more outcast. On the other hand, don't make an apology for this unavoidable psychological effect that you have upon others, for that would just make them suspicious of your intentions. Instead, you must learn to use your powerful persona creatively. Get my Soul Scope Report

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Extracts of text taken from Soul Scope Report written by Lyn Birkbeck

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