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Planets in The Eleventh House

The 11th house is naturally associated with the sign of Aquarius and its ruler Uranus. Having established a career, public position or our social standing in the 10th, in the 11th house we look to the future and the part we can play as members of various groups or societies. The 11th house therefore represents our hopes and wishes, friends and groups. It is in this area of experience that we seek to act as part of a group that is expressing some greater social need or goal. This house in the chart can indicate how we act in group situations and the kinds of groups to which we are attracted. Extracts of text taken from Soul Scope Report written by Lyn Birkbeck

aries Sun in the 11th House

All of this is most likely to focus upon some kind of goal or social ideal. You innately believe John Donne's line that "no man is an island", and so you gravitate or strive towards groups or teams that share the same aspirations. For the same reason, friendships are very important to you. In addition, you often display an interest, or passion even, for freedom and reform in some field of activity.

You tend to get buried in the group you belong to; or sensing the possible loss of your individuality, you rebel against the group you initially rebelled with! But then splinter groups and sudden endings to friendships and associations are all part of your life's course of development. Today's radical is tomorrow's conservative. In the end, it is all part of your striving to uphold some humanitarian cause, through campaigns, inventions or agendas that aim to help mankind. You are a great appreciator of people-power. Get my Soul Scope Report

taurus Moon in the 11th House

All these needs and feelings are most likely to be met through friends, clubs, social movements, or the nurturing of some ideal. All these matters will go through phases, causing your goals and allegiances to fluctuate. Overall, you manage to keep your emotional life fairly light and breezy.

You prefer not to get morbid and heavy in one-to-one relationships and, if things get that way, you will go out with friends or to somewhere impersonal. This can be a good safety valve, but a bad habit if you make your friends or associations into an emotional crutch. It is wise to take a break from them every so often in order to re-establish your own identity, not to mention facing any more intimate emotional commitments.

All the same, you are capable of appealing to the crowd on an emotional level, which means that you have a finger on the pulse of the public's attitude to political, sociological or cultural issues. Get my Soul Scope Report

gemini Mercury in the 11th House

You employ and improve this mentality of yours by gaining, or giving out, knowledge and mental stimulation through group involvements. You prefer a class/workshop situation to just book learning and your opinions gain breadth and depth through sharing them. Because your mind flourishes in this way, you are kind of 'plugged in' to the mind of the group itself so you can become a natural spokesperson, one who's able to maintain a group's goals and principles. You may however attract fickle friends, or be one, through not knowing your own mind. To counter this, you should welcome the fact that you also attract friends with opposing views, which challenge your own, making them stronger. Get my Soul Scope Report

cancer Venus in the 11th House

You want to experience these senses and bring this style of loving into an open, friendly, possibly somewhat detached and idealistic sphere of social activity. Your Venus-Sign qualities may or may not lend themselves well to this. You very much want your partner to be on good terms with your friends and associates and to share your social aspirations.

Conflicting aims or social values can spell disruption or death to a relationship. Knowing a lover initially as a friend is a strong pre-requisite to having a harmonious relationship and the actual meeting of your mate is more likely to occur at a club or some group gathering. Your social sense is quite evolved or future-oriented, but in this respect you are inclined to forget that one person's meat is another one's poison. Get my Soul Scope Report

leo Mars in the 11th House

Your way of asserting yourself most easily finds expression through initiating activities amongst your friends and associates - which however, may or may not be welcome. Putting such a lot of energy into group activity and teamwork also means that you can get angry at having to fit in with it.

Alternatively, you could actually discover your assertiveness through involvement in competition with friends and other groups. Your personal drive is often sparked off by your ideals and sense of freedom, or by a lack of freedom. You may well be driven to reform something, or rebel against it. One way or the other, you aim to stand out from the crowd - maybe after first getting lost in it. Ultimately, you can become the leader of the pack. Get my Soul Scope Report

virgo Jupiter in the 11th House

Most of all you apply this faith to, or look for it in, your friendships and teamwork or group activities. You probably have a wide range of friends. You are attuned to, and enthusiastic about, new trends of thought, social movements and the like. In turn, you are capable of generating interest in such things as well as attracting subscriptions towards them.

You can be a fundraiser for humanitarian societies. The pitfall here is that you can lose your own good self in all such associations and involvements. Behind this is a reluctance to express your more individual desires, because you're afraid of standing out or being censored by whatever group it is that you identify with. The paradox here is that you are probably the strongest link in the chain, not the weakest. Get my Soul Scope Report

libra Saturn in the 11th House

These lessons and tests focus largely upon friendships and group involvements. In this way you can deal with reserve and self-doubt by objectifying them. A difficulty in forming close associations would indicate that you're trying to keep too much to yourself. Perhaps it's through just one close friendship that you may dissolve many blocks and a sense of stiffness. A trusted friend is a symbol of trust in yourself.

Another lesson here is that of learning to work in co-operation with others. In order to do this, it's necessary to accept your own ordinariness because any elitism could be interpreted as a disguise for your own self-doubt. Out of either of these scenarios you yourself can emerge as the trusted friend or group co-ordinator. Get my Soul Scope Report

scorpio Uranus in the 11th House

Your urge for change and awakening is most likely to manifest itself quite directly in your pursuance of social ideals and collective goals. Friendships and group involvements also act as clear indicators of how well you are on course with your true path in life, as they stimulate your principles through attack or support.

Groups of friends can change quite radically as you shift gears and get closer to your goal. However, it's important that you don't confuse your goals with your material ambitions, because the former take a lot longer to achieve than the latter. Freedom and friendship are very important to you and you promote them. Get my Soul Scope Report

sagittarius Neptune in the 11th House

For you, such sensitivity and spiritual striving find a focal point in your friendships, ideals, and group situations. Communes and workshops are, or have been, common on your agenda. Such friends or groups could make or break you, for they could be the typical bad lot that leads you astray, or the band of kindred spirits which lights your way.

Whatever group or social movement you find yourself in the midst of, what you get out of it always depends upon how honest you're being with those associates and upon how able you are to distinguish your own identity and social values from those of that peer group as a whole. There is a double-edged situation here that on the one side inspires you through a feeling of being borne on a wave towards the common goals of Humanity, and on the other, leaves you tossed upon the whims and fancies of the crowd merely dreaming of a better world and not actually doing anything about it.

Where your imagination is concerned, it is best used socially in the sense that you can inspire others with your fine sense of togetherness. Any artistic talents are well employed to this same end, rather than solely for your own amusement. Get my Soul Scope Report

capricorn Pluto in the 11th House

Life's transformations are most likely to occur through friendships, group situations, or any pursuit that furthers some cause. In fact, a crisis of some kind could well lead to your taking up a cause. A strong reformist streak can then develop in you and you'd need to be prepared to stand up and be counted at some stage.

Because you emanate, consciously or otherwise, this aura of social change or upheaval, others are likely to react against it by projecting their own unconscious feelings (good and bad) on to you. They then reject you or are strongly drawn towards you, or both, alternately.

Looked at in another sense, this propensity gives you a talent as a group leader and for paving a way into the future. You probably don't have that many friends, but the few that you do have are friends for life. Such friendships plumb the depths of your being. Get my Soul Scope Report

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Extracts of text taken from Soul Scope Report written by Lyn Birkbeck

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