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Pisces Mars

Pisces Mars

You assert yourself and get what you want . . .

by subtle or indirect means. This can be likened to the angler who baits and casts his line and then sits in wait, accepting what life's current will bring. Strong emotional undercurrents are influencing your actions though, so you need to be honest and perfectly clear about what your desires actually are if you wish to avoid resentments, regrets and awkward situations building up as a result of missing your target through being too circumspect.

The reason behind all this is that you're very sensitive to being spurned - especially sexually. Bearing in mind that your 'desire nature' is like a subtle emanation that others sort of hypnotically respond to, would keep you in touch with the fact that you'll get equally subtle responses back from them. You get under people's skin, rather than bluntly proposition them. You like to kind of dance, rather than wrestle, with your opposite number.

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