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Moon Sextile Aspects

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When Moon is 60 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Sextile to that planet.
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Moon Sextile Mercury

The Moon and Mercury in a Sextile aspect heightens your emotional perception. You are sensitive to other people's emotions, even if they do not openly express how they are feeling. Generally, you are also able to understand your own emotions objectively and understand where your feelings are coming from. Therefore, understanding others and yourself enables you to help others who are going through emotional difficulties. You can often help them gain a different perspective on their problems, either professionally or simply to help friends.

You have an excellent memory, able to absorb and remember information with ease, and you learn from your past mistakes as well as successes.

Moon Sextile Venus

The Sextile between the Moon and Venus indicates that your emotions are well balanced. You are also willing and able to give emotional support and understanding to those who are close to you, and you do not demand more than you feel you yourself are capable of giving.

You are also generally an outgoing, sociable person, and as you feel at ease with most people, they feel at ease with you. Tolerant and understanding of other people's good and bad qualities, it would be extremely hard to find the wrong side of you. When there are problems within relationships or friendships, then you are usually confident that even the most difficult situation will work out well in the end.

Moon Sextile Mars

The Sextile between the Moon and Mars shows that, when necessary, you can be fearless and direct in expressing your emotional needs, perhaps too forceful at times. In your childhood, you learned to be open about your needs, to say what you want and to know how to go about getting it. Fear of rejection doesn't really bother you, as you have an emotional strength that is able to cope with all the knocks that come your way.

You rely strongly on your intuition in an argument. You know your own feelings and are able to express them with a forcefulness that is difficult to oppose. You also instinctively know your opponents' weak points, and are able to hit them where it hurts most when you feel it necessary.

Moon Sextile Jupiter

The Sextile aspect between your Moon and the planet Jupiter indicates that you are generally tolerant and generous towards others. Always willing to listen to other people's problems, you are usually able to help in some way, even if it is only by lending a sympathetic ear, and putting their problems in a more objective light. Even with difficult or disagreeable people, more often than not, you are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

In your personal, emotional and home life, you like to give emotional support and comfort to those who are closest to you. For you, home should not be a prison or a place to retreat, but a secure base from which you can pursue your dreams and goals, or simply a safe place to dream.

Moon Sextile Saturn

The Moon in Sextile to Saturn indicates that you can be reserved and cautious in your feelings for others. You need to understand the people you are close to before you are prepared to reveal your deepest emotions.

Nevertheless, you are dependable and are good at listening to other people's problems, and are willing to help practically, or simply by understanding. You have a common sense approach to practical matters, and can usually organise things to get by even in times of trouble.

Moon Sextile Uranus

The Moon in Sextile aspect to Uranus gives you the need for a considerable degree of freedom in your personal and emotional life. However, the need for freedom and independence symbolised by Uranus does not combine well with the need for security symbolised by the Moon. You may therefore occasionally break up secure and stable situations to seek out new experiences. This may not be too much of a problem for you but those close to you may find it difficult to understand.

You have a strong intuition, and much of your knowledge comes through sudden insights that seem to come from deep within yourself, rather than as the result of logical analysis.

Moon Sextile Neptune

The Sextile between the Moon and Neptune stimulates your imagination and psychic sensitivity. You are sensitive to the vibrations and emotions in the atmosphere around you. However, your imagination can get carried away at times.

Moon Sextile Pluto

The Sextile aspect between the Moon and Pluto gives you a deep understanding of other people's emotional needs and problems. You can often help people in difficulty to gain an objective view of their experiences and see them as part of the overall pattern of their lives.

That is not to say that your own emotional life will be without its upheavals, but you can usually weather the storms with at least the hope that you will emerge from it stronger, and with a clearer understanding of what lies ahead.

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