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Mars Conjunction Aspects

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When Mars is 0 degrees away from another planet it is said to be in Conjunction with that planet.
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Mars Conjunction Jupiter

With Mars and Jupiter in Conjunction you have a driving ambition to achieve something worthwhile with your life. When challenged, you don't admit defeat easily, always eager to fight back. You can therefore be a considerable force to be reckoned with!

This aspect can compensate for other, more self-effacing, aspects in your birth chart, giving you the optimism and faith that you will eventually get what you want if you try hard enough.

However, at times, you will need to be careful to evaluate just what is possible, and not get caught up in too many unrealistic plans, or promise more than you can deliver. If you can do this, then your life can become an adventure in which you meet challenges with enthusiasm and the inner certainty that you will succeed.

Mars Conjunction Saturn

The Conjunction between Mars and Saturn is an aspect that could be described as controlled energy. You are therefore generally able to channel the energy of Mars in a disciplined manner, in order to achieve your goals with a minimum of effort. You are also able to work under the most difficult or even dangerous circumstances, with your self-discipline allowing you to focus on the task at hand to the exclusion of everything else.

You are self-controlled most of the time, but if you feel that you are being blocked in any way the build up of tension can result in a sudden release of anger or physical aggression.

Mars Conjunction Uranus

Mars in Conjunction with rebellious Uranus makes a pretty dynamic combination. You are fiercely independent, impulsive and self-motivated and when you know what you want, you will go for it with a tireless energy and determination that will find a way around all obstacles, or crash straight through them! Your emotions can explode at a moment's notice.

You are not very good at taking advice as, more often than not, you have to do things your way or not at all. Others may therefore occasionally regard you as arrogant and reckless, but you need excitement and stimulation, and if your life becomes too routine and boring you are likely to stir things up just for the hell of it.

Your physical desires are strong, and you don't need emotional closeness or involvement in order to satisfy these desires.

You also don't like any restrictions placed on your actions, preferring to be free to act on your own initiative, and in any way you choose. Therefore your insistence on this right will probably end up causing you some conflict with others during your life.

This combination makes your life a constant fight for freedom and independence on one level or another but if you can use this tremendous energy to fight for the freedom and independence of others who, for some reason, cannot fight for themselves, you will be expressing this aspect in its purest form.

Mars Conjunction Neptune

The Conjunction between Mars and Neptune indicates that occasionally you may have difficulty in asserting yourself, or getting your message across. At times you will be confused and uncertain about what you really want, and your direction in life, with this same self-doubt stopping you from taking effective action.

Occasionally you may leave yourself open to deception from others. In romance particularly, you need to exercise discrimination and be more decisive. Remember the higher the pedestal you place your lover on, the greater the distance to fall.

Mars Conjunction Pluto

The Conjunction between Mars and Pluto indicates that you can be determined and persistent. When you decide that you want something, there is generally no stopping you until you get it, although your motives may often be simply to prove to yourself and others that you can get your own way.

You assert yourself with an intensity and power that some admire, and some find threatening. As a result you are usually able to get your own way, .and although whilst you have a powerful need to assert your own desires, you also have tremendous self-control, able to hold yourself back until the right moment before making your move. Nevertheless, you have very little tolerance for anything and anyone who tries to stand in your way.

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