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Libra Mars

Libra Mars

You aim to get what you want . . .

and to please others at the same time. If successful in this you are quite the social mover. When, more commonly, this is not the case, you are left with the extreme alternatives of either satisfying your desires by being involved in something, which only concerns yourself, or being an indecisive yes-person - or see-sawing between the two.

There is therefore a danger of your becoming insular or ineffectual, whether it is in a business or a sexual situation. As if to force the issue then, you are attracted to quite pushy or quick-tempered partners so, sooner or later, you'll have to get in touch with your own powers of self-assertion and be more unequivocal. Until then, unless you are happy in the role of social buffer or arbitrator, you can be uncomfortably over-sensitive to the reactions and opinions of others. Always remember: you cannot please everyone.

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