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aries Attributions

Ruling Planet: Saturn
Color: Rich Green
Gem: Garnet
Part of Body: knees, bones, and teeth
Herbs: Slippery Elm, Horsetail, Wintergreen
Flower: Carnation
Element: Earth
Mode: Cardinal
Polarity: Negative

Your essential purpose in life is to establish a material position in the world that you regard as useful. In order to accomplish this you have an innate sense of ambition and orderliness. You make a point of knowing how the world of politics and business works - along with anything else which your canny mind determines as being practical and relevant to your overall intentions.

Such earthy common sense is something that others depend on you for - and at times can feel rather inadequate in comparison to. However, your weakness is that you tend to overlook, or simply not see, matters of emotional significance that are patently obvious to types less pragmatic than yourself.

So although you are more likely than most to achieve some sort of success in the world as a result of your industriousness, you are at some point more than likely to encounter a collapse or a profound sense of pointlessness because you have only taken into consideration the practical side of life, and underestimated the importance of unseen factors like human longings and weaknesses, and the mystery of life itself.

When your sense of what matters begins to include these more invisible and mystical aspects of existence, you then become the true manager that you were born to be. When you apply your worldly, responsible and hard-working nature to making a sound base for the furtherance of collective or spiritual interests, then you truly feel that you are the success, which you originally thought you would be.

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