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Cancer Mars

Cancer Mars

You assert yourself best when you feel secure . . .

But when you have to assert yourself in order to achieve security you're in a bit of a Catch 22 situation. Consequently, you are inclined to be rather indirect when it comes to knowing and showing what you want - just in case you get turned down. As a reaction to this, what you do get is not quite what you wanted - or not what you wanted at all! What you are directly, even fiercely, assertive about is protecting your family and other people or things close to you.

You are also very good at getting alongside sensitive areas physically or emotionally. Perhaps if you saw yourself as part of what you are protecting and nurturing you would be a bit more forthright, and therefore clearer, in asserting your own needs and wishes. As a result, you'd get what you really wanted - rather than what you feared.

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