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Britney Spears Forecast Report Sample

Transits for Britney Spears Aug 2007

Britney Spears: 2 Dec 1981 AD Wed 1 30 00 6 00 W

Introduction to Forecaster

There are two types of transits or movement of the planets - long term, and short term daily transits.

The long term transits can effect your birth chart for up to two to three months, and due to astrological cycles, these transits will occasionally recur during the year. The main thing to remember is that these transits represent trends and it is up to the individual to make the best of them. A good guideline is to take advantage of the good periods, and turn the not so good periods to your advantage! For example, if you are aware that you are likely to be argumentative on a particular day, then you may be able to divert your energies and avoid arguments or disputes before they happen. Astrology is not a tool of fate - it doesn't rule your life - it should be used as a guide. Ultimately, it is up to every individual to take control of their lives.

The short term daily transits usually only last a day or two - occasionally up to one week.

There will be times when several long term transits overlap, and may even counteract each other. The best thing to do is to read through the information carefully, and then integrate that information to create a whole picture for the period the transits are in effect.

Please bear in mind that unless the time of birth provided was exact, then it is likely that the exact effect of the transits may be felt either several days before or after the dates given. You will soon be able to regulate the pattern by following the transits carefully.

From about: 1 Aug 2007 to about: 31 Aug 2007

*Transiting Pluto Sextile your Natal Pluto

This could be a time of significant changes - it is certainly a time for positive, creative and effective action. But you must make the best of any opportunity that comes your way - don't expect everything to just land in your lap. Cultivate contacts, especially with people in authority. Make them aware of your special talents and abilities. Now more than ever they are likely to offer support and create opportunities for you.

It is time to discard anything that is no longer of use to you old worn out items, memories, feelings from the past which may, up till now, have prevented you from getting in touch with your deepest feelings and emotions. This is your chance to inject some fresh sparkle and meaning into your life; to start afresh and look to the future.

You will now also be looking for a deeper meaning to your life and therefore you will now rely more on your intuition and telepathy and tune in to the messages that your inner self is sending.

As your mind will be so intuitively sharp, this would also be an excellent time to involve yourself in any form of research or investigation. Not content with superficial answers to questions, you will delve deeply in order to unearth and understand the truth. You may now come across some secret information previously hidden from you. In any case, the answers that you find may completely change your attitudes to life and way of thinking.

From about: 1 Aug 2007 to about: 10 Aug 2007

*Transiting Saturn Sextile your Natal Pluto

Success is likely through hard work. Although your powers of endurance may be tested, you should emerge victorious from any battles fought. Because of your patience, excellent organisational abilities and far sightedness, this is a time to reinforce the structure and foundations of your life, against the possibility of future problems. Despite your determination to succeed by staying within your own physical and mental limits - you will actually achieve more.

Therefore, this is a time of self discipline, with excellent clarity of thought which will enable you to focus your thought and turn positive plans into positive action. You should now have the strength, determination and concentration required to achieve personal and professional goals and ambitions, and you will be down to earth and honest in all your dealings.

This is an excellent time to negotiate contracts and agreements, as no detail will be overlooked and you will be willing to contribute more personal effort and time into any project.

New friendships could be formed, possibly with older and more mature individuals. You will rely on these loyal, dependable friends for their truthfulness and excellent advice. You will also now be more willing than usual to work in a team effort, rather than go it alone.

From about: 1 Aug 2007 to about: 31 Aug 2007

*Transiting Jupiter is Conjunct your Natal Sun

This could be an excellent and beneficial period ahead. You will be feeling out-going, optimistic - and health should finally improve. Armed with more energy and enthusiasm, you will be ready to tackle any obstacle head-on!

During this time it may seem as if everything is working out perfectly, just the way you want it to. But don't expect all the opportunities to just land in your lap - wasted chances can't be blamed on anyone but you! So, if opportunity does knock, open the door and boldly stride forward.

Suddenly, you will feel the urge to live life to the full - and not do anything by half measures. You will not be frightened of treading new exciting and adventurous paths.

But despite all this optimism, do watch out for some pitfalls, the main one being over-exertion. In your exuberance to catch up with lost time, you might find that you over-reach yourself, over-extend yourself in some way,or simply exhaust yourself! Do try and exercise a certain amount of restraint.

Financially, this could be a very lucky and lucrative period, but be careful of too much extravagance. If you are fortunate enough to come into some extra cash or a bonus, then don't blow it all in one go. Save a little for those rainy days.

From about: 1 Aug 2007 to about: 1 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mars Trine your Natal Venus

Full of energy and raring to go, nothing will be able to stop you or get in your way during this time. There are mountains to climb and battles to conquer! Passionate emotions will be difficult to control, therefore your love life should become more sensual and romantic. New love affairs will be intense, but short-lived.

From about: 1 Aug 2007 to about: 2 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Sextile your Natal Mars

Prepare yourself for plenty of communication during this next few days - unexpected letters, telephone calls, and visits could all disrupt your daily routine. Confidence, efficiency together with excellent communication skills should ensure that all business and property negotiations work to your advantage. During the next few days you could talk yourself right into profit!

From about: 1 Aug 2007 to about: 4 Aug 2007

*Transiting Venus Sextile your Midheaven

You are now ready to compromise, so if there have been problems within any personal relationships - this is an excellent few days to talk grievances through and clear the air. You will be more willing to give and more willing to listen. Surround yourself with friends - get out and enjoy yourself!

From about: 2 Aug 2007 to about: 3 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Opposite your Natal Venus

Unexpected news could affect your love life and personal relationships. Although this may not necessarily be bad news, it will cause a certain amount of disruption to your daily routine and temporarily shatter the peace and tranquillity of your home. Beware power games, ego conflicts or gossip during the next few days or the consequences of words spoken or action taken could backfire.

From about: 2 Aug 2007 to about: 4 Aug 2007

*Transiting Sun is Trine your Natal Sun

As energy levels will be higher than usual this could therefore be a day of tremendous achievements. Nothing or no one will be able to stop you or get in your way. Feeling confident and self assured, personal plans, career matters or financial negotiations should proceed with the minimum of stress and difficulty.

From about: 2 Aug 2007 to about: 3 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Square your Pluto

Taking life more seriously, thoughts will centre inwards. However, someone may burden you with a secret - or you may find that you are prying into affairs, which don't really concern you. Powerful emotions may reawaken painful past memories - but use this opportunity to learn from past experiences. Problems may arise concerning joint finances. Also, take special care whilst travelling.

From about: 4 Aug 2007 to about: 9 Aug 2007

*Transiting Venus Square your Natal Uranus

Expect some disruption to your love life during this time. Either you, or your partner, may take unusual steps to either inject some fresh life into a present relationship; or one of you will start to look for something new a love, which is more unpredictable and exciting. Love affairs started now are likely to be exhilarating and electrifying, but short lived.

From about: 4 Aug 2007 to about: 9 Aug 2007

*Transiting Venus Sextile Natal Jupiter

Feeling pleasantly lazy and lethargic, you will much prefer to sit back and enjoy the comforts of life rather than rouse yourself to any action! Planetary transits also indicate much love, romance and new friendships. One special individual may certainly have a powerful effect on your life. A financial bonus or gift could come your way and travel is likely.

From about: 4 Aug 2007 to about: 6 Aug 2007

*Transiting Sun is opposite your Natal Moon

Tensions between personal and professional responsibilities may cause emotional rifts today. You've either been neglecting loved ones or someone has neglected you for their work. Either way, the day could be tense as whatever you say or do could be misunderstood.

From about: 5 Aug 2007 to about: 6 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Trine your Natal Uranus

A lightning quick mind will awaken dormant thoughts, ideas and senses. Therefore solutions to previously insurmountable problems could come in an instant. But you may become impatient with mere mortals who will not be able to keep up with your lightning quick speed. Over the next few days, you may either receive or surprise others with sudden, unexpected news.

From about: 5 Aug 2007 to about: 6 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Square your Natal Jupiter

Feeling positive, if somewhat unrealistic, your mind will be full of ideas and plans for the future. Interference and criticism will not be tolerated. However, when stating your case, you must be prepared to listen to others' viewpoints as well. Also, in envisaging an overall large scale outline for the future, you may overlook small, but important, details.

From about: 6 Aug 2007 to about: 7 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Sextile your Ascendant

Feeling more active and alert than usual, you will now make more of an effort to see and meet other people. Communications of all kinds are well favoured. Therefore this is the right time to make important telephone calls or to write important letters. It is also a time of compromise and agreement; therefore long standing disputes could now be satisfactorily resolved. Travel is likely, especially over short distances.

From about: 7 Aug 2007 to about: 8 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Trine your Natal Mercury

Mental activities rule this period of time for you. Your words and actions will be clear, and understood by everybody. Make plans, get out and learn about new subjects; even make trips, either long or short distances. Business is favoured, and communication is clear. If you can force yourself to take things a little easier now, you are certain to get more done. You will have to do a lot of rushing around from one appointment to another, making it difficult for others to know where you are at any one time of the day. Your family routine is certain to be interrupted now.

From about: 7 Aug 2007 to about: 10 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mars Opposite your Natal Uranus

An incredible restless dynamic energy will make you crave for personal freedom and independence during this time. Restrictions in your life simply will not be tolerated and you will rebel against anyone trying to hold you back. People with some kind of authority over you are now likely to bear the brunt of your anger. You are now prepared to do battle!

From about: 9 Aug 2007 to about: 10 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Trine your Natal Sun

Your thought processes should be much more clear and concise over the next few days. Knowing exactly what you want, this would therefore be an excellent time to plan for the future. Discussions and communications via phone calls and letters could take up much of your time especially if they involve business and career matters.

From about: 10 Aug 2007 to about: 13 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mars Trine your Ascendant

Get your running shoes on as you are now likely to be feeling energetic and sporty! Treat your body to a fitness programme! When dealing with others, you will get straight to the point and will not mince your words. You will be more independent, confident and far more self assured than usual.

From about: 10 Aug 2007 to about: 11 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Opposite your Natal Moon

Intense emotions and feelings will cloud your better judgement over the next day or so - therefore this will be a time when the heart will rule the head. Words may be spoken in the heat of the moment, which would have better been left unsaid. Alternatively, whatever you say may be misunderstood.

From about: 11 Aug 2007 to about: 13 Aug 2007

*Transiting Sun is Sextile your Natal Saturn

Financial, legal and career matters should prove successful and lucrative today. Unwilling to take risks, all strategies will be well planned. Promotion or business expansion is likely. Help and support may come from established and respectable sources, possibly from older colleagues or parents.

From about: 14 Aug 2007 to about: 15 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Sextile your Natal Saturn

Your concentration and patience threshold will be much higher than usual. Therefore, if there is any task that needs serious thought, study or concentration, then this next few days would be an excellent time to tackle it. This will not be so much a time of chasing dreams but a time for turning dreams into concrete reality!

From about: 14 Aug 2007 to about: 17 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mars Opposite your Natal Mercury

Although your own feelings could be hurt easily during this time, in retaliation you may strike out verbally against anyone and everyone within shouting distance! You are likely to be irritable, moody and bad tempered - so beware starting arguments just for the sake of it. You could also be somewhat accident prone.

From about: 15 Aug 2007 to about: 18 Aug 2007

*Transiting Venus Sextile your Natal Pluto

A sudden love affair could be intense and electric, but with little chance of developing into a long lasting relationship. During these few days, powerful emotions will need to find an outlet through physical passion and sensuality. Powerful positive thoughts could bring positive results.

From about: 16 Aug 2007 to about: 17 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Trine your Natal Neptune

A powerful sense of intuition should now enable you to anticipate others thoughts and actions. Consequently, this will lead to a better understanding of their thoughts and emotions and better communications between you. As your logical, rational mind is now in balance with your intuition abstract and creative thoughts and ideas could also be turned into concrete reality.

From about: 16 Aug 2007 to about: 18 Aug 2007

*Transiting Sun is Trine your Natal Neptune

Compassion will be your keyword today. You will be less concerned with materialistic values and more concerned with helping friends, family .in fact, anyone in need. Any kind of creative talent could also be inspired over the next few days - so make the best of your artistic and literary skills. A special romance could begin with this new lover just strolling into your life as if they'd always belonged.

From about: 17 Aug 2007 to about: 18 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Sextile your Pluto

Looking for a deeper meaning to your life, you will now rely more on intuition rather than logic. This would also be an excellent time to become involved in any kind of investigation or research. Not content with superficial answers, you will delve deeply in search of the truth.

From about: 18 Aug 2007 to about: 21 Aug 2007

*Transiting Venus Trine your Natal Neptune

Any new love affair or romance started during this period will seem like a match made in heaven almost as if, as well as a wonderful physical union, there will also be tremendous spiritual union between the both of you. Present relationships should also become closer and more emotionally stable and secure. This is not so much a time to make dreams come true, but to create dreams which could come true in the future.

From about: 18 Aug 2007 to about: 20 Aug 2007

*Transiting Sun is Sextile your Pluto

This could be a day of significant changes. Cultivate contacts, especially with older individuals or people in authority. Now is the time to start thinking about moving up the career ladder or starting your own business. Today, logic and intuition should be well balanced, creating a greater self understanding of your own personal needs, motives and goals.

From about: 20 Aug 2007 to about: 21 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Square your Natal Uranus

Take care not to jump to unfair conclusions over the next few days. Important personal and business decisions should be postponed until your behaviour is less impulsive and more practical. This is not a time to make changes in your life. In fact, you should keep your head down and out of the firing line! Overloading the system could result in frazzled nerves.

From about: 20 Aug 2007 to about: 21 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Sextile your Natal Jupiter

Good news should now lift your spirits. Take advantage of any unusual or unexpected opportunities that come your way, especially if they involve travel. Cash flow should improve and contracts and business negotiations should be negotiated without the usual delays. Use this time to plan for the future, as no minor detail will escape your notice.

From about: 20 Aug 2007 to about: 22 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Sextile your Midheaven

If you've been dragging your heels over writing important letters, or making important telephone calls then don't delay any longer! Make plans for the future whilst your powers of communication and intuition are so sharp, clear and accurate. Business negotiations should also proceed smoothly.

From about: 22 Aug 2007 to about: 25 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mars Opposite your Natal Sun

Uncontrolled anger is likely to lead to disputes or conflicts with others, especially those in authority. Feeling irritable, you may be somewhat difficult to get along with during this time! On the other hand, if you can control this explosive energy, then much could be achieved. Controlled positive thoughts will lead to positive actions.

From about: 22 Aug 2007 to about: 23 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Square your Natal Mercury

An unusual amount of communication through visits, meetings, letters and phones calls should keep you very busy over the next few days. However, mental overload could lead to headaches or raw and frazzled nerves. If your opinion is asked, then state it. If your opinion is challenged, then defend it - but beware being too inflexible. If necessary, be prepared to compromise.

From about: 23 Aug 2007 to about: 26 Aug 2007

*Transiting Sun is Square your Natal Uranus

Disruption to your normal daily routine may shake the very foundations of your life. If you lack confidence, then this transit may further sow seeds of doubt. Restlessness and a longing for freedom could also cause you to abandon personal responsibilities. Major financial decisions should be postponed.

From about: 24 Aug 2007 to about: 26 Aug 2007

*Transiting Sun is Sextile your Natal Jupiter

This is a day when life's lessons can be more easily absorbed and much could be accomplished with seemingly very little effort. Relationships with family, neighbours and close friends should also improve. The possibility of travel is likely. If unable to travel, then expect some contact from distant friends, family or business colleagues. An element of luck may also be working in your favour.

From about: 24 Aug 2007 to about: 25 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mercury is Square your Natal Sun

During these next few days you should be busier than usual. Nevertheless in your haste to accomplish as much as you can, you may inadvertently tread on a few wrong toes and alienate colleagues, friends or family. If you have to make a point - then state it and then allow others to make their own decisions.

From about: 25 Aug 2007 to about: 29 Aug 2007

*Transiting Mars Trine your Natal Moon

Emotions and feelings which have been hidden away will now come out into the open - but will be expressed honestly, clearly and positively. Relations with women should be beneficial as mothers, sisters, lovers or lady friends will give much-needed sympathy and understanding. There will be much more activity around the home - and that could mean catching up on long overdue DIY jobs!

From about: 25 Aug 2007 to about: 27 Aug 2007

*Transiting Sun is Sextile your Midheaven

Sensing inevitable changes in your life, this is a time for restructuring and planning ahead for the future. You will demand personal freedom and independence and recognition for your achievements. This is a good day to make future plans.

From about: 26 Aug 2007 to about: 30 Aug 2007

*Transiting Venus Sextile Natal Saturn

Being ready to move onto the next stage, you will be reaching a new level of understanding in all types of personal and emotional relationships. Not content with merely existing together, your individual needs, wants and expectations from each other will be discussed. Creativity and business transactions are favoured.

From about: 27 Aug 2007 to about: 31 Aug 2007

*Neptune is Trine your Natal Saturn

This is a time for calmness and serenity. Creativity will be greatly enhanced. You will now be able to structure your powerful imagination in a positive, constructive way. Ideas, thoughts and plans could now become concrete reality. You will have a better understanding of your life - and the paths that you've chosen to follow. Feeling optimistic about the future lessons and experiences from the past will now be put into practice and into good use.

Putting others needs before your own you are now likely to give a friend in need a helping hand. Thoughts and studies are also likely to turn more spiritual and meditative. You will now be more prepared to listen to your inner voice and intuition. Memory recall should also be greatly improved.

This is likely to be a time when you will reap the rewards of previous hard work and effort. If important business decisions need to be made, then rely on your intuition - it will steer you in the right direction. Others will rely on your decisions, as they will sense that you are able to create clarity out of confusion.

From about: 28 Aug 2007 to about: 30 Aug 2007

*Transiting Sun is Square your Natal Mercury

Today you should be busier and more active than usual. Nevertheless, in your haste to accomplish as much as you can, you may accidentally tread on a few wrong toes along the way and alienate friends, lovers but especially business colleagues. If you have to make a point - then state it but allow others to have their own say as well.

This concludes Britney Spears Transit interpretation.

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