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I've studied astrology for decades. Way back before I had my old 286 PC, I learned to calculate astrology charts the hard way. It was all on paper with my ephemeris open beside me. Then I drew the chart by hand, from the houses to each little glyph. It was a labor of love but it wore me out and didn't leave much energy for the 'craft' part: interpretation. That was the part I loved.

After getting a computer with a modem and internet access, I found a treasure trove of astrological information. But I just never found the perfect software solution. I'll bet I downloaded a dozen different programs, all having a great feature or two but none having everything. I guess time has fixed that.

My Star World Astrology Software seems to be a complete astrology solution. Whether you're wanting a Personality profile, a simple chart or a soul mate reading, this software will do it.

I especially like the Young Life Report. Interpreting a child's or teen's chart is a little tricky. Many of the aspects and planets represent potential in the young person or warning signs for the parent to note. My Star World Astrology Software makes it so much easier to provide a detailed report about children.

I was really surprised that this software had the correct longitude and latitude for my little town where I was born. I didn't expect that. I thought for sure I'd have to find a nearby bigger city. But the little town was listed and I was able to get an accurate chart.

In fact, I compared this computer-generated chart with my own hand-calculated one as well as one I paid for about 20 years ago. Yes, My Star World is right on the money.

Speaking of money, I really liked that you can buy the whole software package, one module at a time or a combination of modules. That's a great way to afford this software, building up as you become more familiar with it.The software is as robust as you want it to be. Although, for such a reasonable price, the whole package seems the way to go.

For the professional astrologer, this software offers reselling licensing. Can't beat that. And it's broken down for internet stores as well as a complete system, both internet and Brick & mortar business.

Whether you're a professional or amateur, this software is really worth a look. Easy to understand, beautiful charts, accurate calculations and spot on interpretations. Take a look.

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