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How To Use Astrology Software

Throughout history Kings and Presidents have sought astrologers advice. Now, thanks to the Internet and the phenomenal rise in the use of computers, everybody has instant access to this wisdom in its most up-to-date form, each astrology software package we sell contains a wealth of information crammed into one product and is simple to produce the following personal astrology reports.

Relationship Astrology - Who should I date?

Relationship astrology and compatibility astrology reports can help you decide on the best relationship partner to choose. By combining them with our personality astrology interpretations you will soon learn all about your prospective partner's main attributes as well (as their weaknesses) and how well you will actually get on with them.

How To Improve Relationships

You may be asking yourself how can I improve my relationship? - if already involved in a relationship an astrological relationship interpretation can help make your relationship work. Each report details how two people get along and highlights the most important areas of that relationship, letting you know if the partnership has a chance of long term success and happiness.

There are two different compatibility reports, Soul Mates and Star Lovers.
Combining these two relationship readings will give you an incredible foundation for any relationship that you want to make a success.

A lasting success that comes from an accurate understanding of why you are together and what being together can ultimately bring you both. Yes you too can learn how to have better relationships with ease! Intimate Lover Lovers Guide

What Everybody Should Know...

Will it work for me? Yes is the answer. It is the birth chart, representing the positions of the planets at the precise moment of your birth which contains the wealth of information that astrologers use. Now, we show you exactly how each individual section of the birth chart is examined and interpreted to make up the complete, and unique person that is you. Soul Scope Life Destiny Young Life Personality

For most of us life is a series of challenges, so the more information you have the better your chances of making the right decisions. Some people are naturally able to master life without astrological guidance or, if they do use astrology, they keep it a secret; others need a little help.

Understanding - the Art of Astrology

You can download our personal astrology software, or email us with your address details for commercial trial version. Learn the Art of Astrology with My Star World's Personal Astrology Software and produce your own astrological reports. To produce astrology reports for sale or for use within your business, you need to purchase the commercial version which includes a license to sell reports or, alternatively, we can supply online astrology reports created with our Internet software versions which display daily horoscopes for your web visitors and enable you to offer automated astrology reports online.

Accurate personality reports with insights into your character that will help you and your friends develop, and make the best of, your most positive attributes. Each detailed astrology report highlights qualities you may not have considered before (or even knew you possessed) that can be improved and enhanced. See how a report can help reaffirm what you always thought about yourself, how it can help you understand even more, so that your life and work become much more rewarding.

Download our software and enter the magical world of astrology with My Star World.

Learn About Future Potential

Daily forecasts; each day know the exact position of the planets compared to your birth chart and study the detail of the interpretation as each astrological cycle in the reading is considered in turn to help you make sensible decisions and choices that are right for you.

Foretell Future Cycles With Ease!

Produce your own monthly and yearly astrological forecasts that pinpoint astrological cycles and define forthcoming trends. Choose from any number of months and prepare detailed astrology forecast readings that are both helpful, entertaining and that have been designed to make you think about the many choices you have to make each day and over the forthcoming months.

Wouldn't you prefer to know WHEN Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity, which orbits the Zodiac every 12 years, is well placed in your chart? You may well have to wait a long time before the opportunity arises in the same way, if indeed it will, so make sure you know all about the planetary cycles that reflect your life’s most eventful moments. Finding out is simple - just a few clicks enable you to check out any date in the future. You can check out past dates too and compare the interpretation to what really happened, building up your own store of understanding of your own life’s progress. Soul Guide Predictor Forecaster

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