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PCA Argus Astrology Software Features

Edit and design your own Chart Wheels and Astrology Report interpretations

Output interpretations to - print - view - save to file - for editing
Select planets, aspects and orbs
Include/exclude astrological headings in interpretations
Add personal comments and notes to individual reports
Select Fonts - for screen or printer
Design report pages (fonts, layout)
Search and sort name files for chart file entries
Keyboard shortcuts
Write your own macro commands
Create multiple name files holding up to 1600 chart names
Produce wheel charts suitable for framing
Colour charts and tables (select your own colours)

Integrated World Atlas (125,00 towns) - with time zones

Comprehensive context sensitive Help Menu

Wide range of calculations - click for new features

Graphic Transit and progressions graphs
Bi-wheels, Aspect grid
Harmonic charts
House systems: Placidus, Koch, Equal, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Topocentric, Natural degree, Porphyry, Alcabitius
Secondary & Tertiary Progressed Houses method: Naibod, Kundig,
AR Solar Arc, Ecliptic Solar Arc, 1 degree/year, No motion, True motion Tertiary I, Tertiary II
Monthly, yearly Transits
5 & 60 year Progression tables
Progressed Point: Part of Fortune, Huber age point, True Huber ap, Logarithmic ap
Composite, Synastry and Relationship charts
Midpoint sort 360,180,90,45,22.5
Zodiacal order
Planetary order
Midpoint aspects 180,90,45
Solar and Lunar returns
Converse: Transit, Secondary, Tertiary I, Tertiary II, Solar Arc
Progressed Ephemeris
Chiron position
Zodiacs: 22°27' Lahiri, 22°21' K.S. Krishnamurti, 21°01' Raman,
19°28' Sepaharial, 19°10' Shil-Ponde, 00°00' User, 00°00' Tropical

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