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Aries Mars

Aries Mars

You assert yourself quite naturally . . .

because you have a reliable but uncontainable supply of raw energy. The important point is that this energy has to have an outlet - and more importantly still - a direction. Unless you have some more introverted personality traits, you are unlikely to see the complications to life that seem to beset so many others. This enables you to get on with things without being sidetracked or compromised by the pros and cons.

So courage and initiative are firmly on your list of virtues, but love, patience and an awareness of more subtle points and undercurrents are not. These need to be learned if you wish stop to battering your head against the brick wall of your blind desire to get what you think you want. As a rule, you have an abundance of sexual stamina too. If you are female, you may well be attracted to macho, energetic, go-getting or even violent type males.

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