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Reach your full potential with a Cosmic Power reading - helping you identify and make the most of the positive qualities you possess in order to cope with your personal, emotional and working life.Free Cosmic Power Astrology Reading

Each mini reading of up to 8 pages contains your personal birth chart and describes in detail the positive characteristics you were born with.

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Forecaster - Astrology Report Pursue Your Dreams in 2010 12 Month Forecaster lets you take control of your relationships, your career, your dreams and desires by helping you make the right choices in the coming year.
Forecaster - Astrology Report Your Once In A Lifetime Opportunity In 201012 Month Soul Guide report details personal planetary events plus significant trends likely to have a lasting effect, especially how they are likey to impact on your future and the way you act in response..
Forecaster - Astrology Report Love and Romance in 2010 A Lovers Guide provides the dates when you are most likely to be in an amorous mood and susceptible to the idea of falling in love and hopefully staying in love. Importantly, what you personally need to look out for in a potential partner.
Forecaster - Astrology Report Know How And When To Plan Ahead For 2010 A Predictor Report for the year ahead provides precise timing of planetary events for you to study, indicating major long term trends that will help you recognise opportunities when they occur, so you can approach them with greater understanding.
Forecaster - Astrology Report Destiny Revealed 6 Reports in 1 Package
Predictor Year Trends Life Destiny Report
Soul Guide 12 Months Soul Scope Profile
Intimate Lover Lovers Guide Year Ahead